20 Hacks to make your entire home cleaner than its ever been!!

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Hey lovelies, if you are anything like me you’ll be constantly on the big wide web looking for tips and tricks to get those tricky stains out your carpet or ‘that’ smell out the sofa that no one seems to know anything about except you (the ghost does it in my house) or even that spot on the floor that just doesn’t seem to shift no matter what you try.

Well I have gathered together 20 of my most used hacks and that will get you happy and loving your home again. They’re not hard, they don’t take lots of time, in fact most of them are something you could do while feeding the children or running a bath they’re so easy none of this scrubbing for hours and believe me I know exactly how that feels ain’t no mama got time for that!

So here are my amazingly super easy hacks to keep your entire home cleaner than it’s ever been before.

20 hacks to keep your home cleaner than ever before

Cleaning hacks.

  1. Vinegar on the faucets.

20 hacks to keep your entire home cleaner than it’s ever been

If you are like me you’re sometimes going to have those pesky white marks and build up on your faucets in the kitchen and bathroom well one way to get rid of these are just soak paper towels with vinegar and wrap them around the faucets in your bathroom or kitchen.

Leave them to soak in for half and hour remove the paper towels and rinse well you’ll be so surprised just how clean and shiny they come back. I did this yesterday and my faucets look like they are brand new.

2. Clean with oil.

As strange as this might sound, it really does work. Oil splatters in the kitchen can be rather tough to clean at times, and soaps don’t always seem to clean the grime away. Place a few drops of vegetable oil onto kitchen paper towel and wipe the oil splatters away. Watch them vanish in front of your eyes. Once done, wipe with a clean towel and that’s it!

3. Clean mirror with shaving foam.

Simply spray some foam onto any mirror and clean with a cloth. Your mirrors will be left bright and clean. Yip that’s it as easy as that.

4. Removing those bad odours.

Citrus cubes are a lot easier to make than you think. Simply use frozen citrus and vinegar. Put a few citrus peels in a muffin tray and then fill with vinegar. Freeze and then toss a couple into the garbage bin. You’ll be greeted by a lovely citrus smell next time your throwing the rubbish out.

5. Getting rid of soap scum.

If you have a lot of gross soap scum build-up, a great way to get rid of it is with a halved grapefruit and salt. The citric acid and the rough salt will get it up right away!

6. Use dryer sheets to clean.

20 hacks to keep your home cleaner than it’s ever been before

The anti-static chemicals in dryer sheets work perfectly to repel dust. Grab a few sheets to dust your skirting boards as well as your furniture to keep them clean and dust free.

7. Clean your skirting boards with a broom.

Prevent back pain by simply wrapping a cloth around the base of your broom. Tie it with a rubber band and spray your favourite cleaning product on the cloth and simply clean away without that dreaded creak in your back.

8. Clean your sponges.

Sponges can pick up a lot of bacteria, especially if they’re left in the sink. So you want to make sure you clean it frequently. It’s so easy: just pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds to remove any bacteria! Just wait a minute or two before pulling out since it’ll still be hot.

You can also put your sponge in the dishwasher to get it nice and clean again.

9. Clean your blinds.

These are also probably pretty dirty if you haven’t cleaned them in a while, so here’s an easy solution. Combine equal parts water and vinegar in a bowl and get a sock to put over your hand. Dip the sock in the solution and then run it over each slat of the blinds to remove any dirt or dust!

10. Baking soda for bright clean laundry.

Just pour a cup of baking soda in with the wash and your clothes will come out even brighter and cleaner!

11. Easy clean shower scum.

Cleaning the bathroom is not how most people want to spend their day, but it has to be done! The good news is there’s an easy way to remove soap scum and grime that’s building up inside the shower.

Fill a dish wand with half vinegar and half dish soap — then get to scrubbing! You can also use an old sponge or toothbrush and just dip into a cup of the same solution.

12. Removing greasy stains.

To clean grease stains from carpet or other surface, just mix four parts rubbing alcohol with one part salt, and then rub the mixture into the stain. Let the surface dry and vacuum up any remaining salt if necessary.

13. Clean cloudy glasses with vinegar.

Just use a paper towel and a small amount of vinegar to get your classes nice and clean again!

14. Baking soda to unblock drains.

20 hacks to keep your entire home cleaner than it’s ever been before

You can use this old science fair standby to fix a sink that’s draining slowly. It really does work wonders.

15. Use fluffy socks like a swiffer mop.

You know those sickeningly cozy socks that make you feel like a baby? Well, put those things on. Walk around your house. Take them off. You just dusted your apartment by simply having feet.

16. Use furniture polish to shine up everything.

Give your fridge (or your coffee table, or your dresser) some gold star treatment by doing practically nothing. But don’t spray your floor. You will probably fall and be angry at me. Believe me don’t do it unless you want an ice rink as a floor.

17. Clean your kitchen cabinets with your vacuum.

Use your vacuum’s brush attachment to pick up dust and crumbs inside. Outside, concentrate on the area around the hardware using a cloth dampened with warm water and a natural cleaning spray.

18. Use dishwasher to clean light fittings.

Run removable glass pieces, such as domes, through the dishwasher. Run a drying cycle, too, to reduce spotting.

19. Pillow case to clean a ceiling fan?

Slip a pillowcase over ceiling fan blades, one at a time, then wipe. Dust falls into the pillowcase, not on your furniture and floors.

20. Using tennis balls to dry a quilt.

You can machine-wash most quilts these days, as long as the quilt fills only half the washing machine. Dry with tennis balls to keep the stuffing from collecting in one corner.

These are just some of the cheap and cheerful hacks I use to get through those dreaded spring cleaning days. We all need a little help now and then why don’t you try some out! Let me know below if you do if love to hear if they work as well for you as the have me.



20 hacks to keep your home cleaner than ever before

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    1. Oh fantastic I had done a few as well over the years but some I had never tried till this year xo

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