Gift guide | Give your dad the best Father’s Day ever this year on June 19th 2018

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Hello, lovelies welcome back to my page, thanks to Wikipedia, I found out that Father’s Day was apparently first celebrated in the Spokane YMCA on June 19, 1910, by a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd.

Sonora Smart Dodd’s father was a civil war veteran, his name was William Jackson Smart, he was a single parent and raised his six children alone.

Thanks to his loving daughter Sonora Smart Dodd we now have a day to acknowledge and celebrate one of the most important roles in our lives which is played by the fathers, grandfathers or stepdads in our families.

Most dads are used to getting those gimmicky socks or that same old mug that always says #no 1 dad or worlds greatest dad when you hand it over you get the typical ”oh thanks sweetheart that’s lovely” when in reality he is thinking ’aw no another mug to add to the collection of ten we have in the cupboard’.

Well, not this year my lovelies I’ve put together a list of budget-friendly gifts and methods you can use that will not only make your dad super happy and excited but your day when you see his face light up too.

Gift guide | Give your dad the best fathers day ever this year on June 19th 2018
My superhero..My dad!!

Gift guide for fathers day!

1) A photobook of you and your dad through the years.

This is a fantastic gift and one that will bring back so many beautiful memories for your father from the first moment he held you to your graduation or even your wedding day, Put them all together in a photo book that he can show off to his friends (or at least mum will because it’s so beautiful). Do you have old photos that you’d like to include?

Then get online and have a look for a photobook maker. You can chose your own design and colours that suit your dad, add little descriptions and other notes that make it even more memorable for you both. It definitely is a fantastic little gift and one that I know goes down really well.

Here at Snapfish you get 50% off your photobook which is a fantastic deal and the books truly are amazing. The delivery is fantastic, definitely worth checking out for that memorable gift for Father’s Day.

Gift guide | give your father the best Father’s d ever on June 19th 2018

2) An appreciation video.

Gather all your family members and ask them to say in a few words why they love your dad and what they appreciate about him the most.

Make sure you get everyone in the family involved including the kids, let them be themselves and make it very personal just a message to their father, grandfather, husband or father in law.

Use a camcorder if you have one if not use your mobile phone and record each message, there are apps you can use like these have found that are great to use.

Gift guide | give your father the best Father’s d ever on June 19th 2018

3) For the tech-savvy dad.

If your dad is anything like mine he is clueless when it comes to anything remotely technology related. He knows how to like things on Facebook and can get on youtube to watch DIY videos that’s about it, unfortunately.

Although if you’re dad is a technology lover then this is the perfect gift for him why not get him a drone or a helicopter drone? It will not only be fun for your dad on father’s day but the whole family can get involved too.

You can find the perfect beginner drones here at Amazon.

Gift guide | give your father the best Father’s d ever on June 19th 2018

4) Tickets for a comedy show.

If your dad is like mine then they will be full of those cringeworthy dad jokes and will most definitely appreciate tickets to their favourite comedy show.

Head to Ticketmaster for the details of when the next show is on. Not sure Dad’s into comedy? Ticketmaster has variety of shows and events in every area of interest. (Ticketmaster)

Gift guide | give your father the best Father’s d ever o June 19th 2018

5) A kindle fire.

My dad is an avid book collector that much that my mother was getting fed up of the books stacked up all over her house it was definitely turning into a personal library in a small two bedroom home.

I couldn’t take tripping over books anymore either so I bought my father a kindle fire. At first he was a little hesitant about using it because well he’s not so tech savvy but once I say him down a few times and showed him how it exactly works and that he could basically get any book in seconds without even going shopping with my mother (he hates it like all men do) he was hooked.

Now he won’t leave the house without it and never puts the bluddy thing down, I’m not sure if this was a blessing or a downfall but I know it was well loved that’s for sure.

You can buy the newest kindle at Amazon or even look for a second hand one save a few pennies until you know for sure he will use it.

Gift guide | give your father the best Father’s Day ever on June 19 2018

6) Personalised song poster.

Do you and your father have a favourite song? Or maybe your father has a song that he has played on repeat for the last 15 years or so.

Well this personalised gift from prezzybox is absolutely perfect. It’s personal and a memory you both can share. It’s not extremely expensive and it’s definitely one that will go down a treat.

You can find this gift here at prezzybox you can also get this in silver too.

Gift guide | give your father the best Father’s Day ever June 19th 2018

These are my Six top gifts you should definitely try for your dad this year on Father’s Day! Remember it’s not that far away make sure it’s one to remember!

There are a lot of exciting gifts out there for you to check out don’t get stuck giving the same old thing every year.


Gift guide | give your father the best Father's Day ever on June 19th 2018

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