Ways your family and kids can help the local wildlife!!

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Hello lovlies, welcome back to my page. As we are now coming into summer and all the wildlife around our home have come out of hibernation and we are seeing more and more beautiful animals, insects and birds everyday. I thought id share with you all some of the ways myself and my two daughters love to help our local wildlife out and how you can get your family and of course your kids involved too.

We live in a small town in-between Edinburgh and Glasgow surrounded by lots of greenery, fields of flowers, farms and lots of woodland. I can’t even begin to tell you just how amazing it is. We have lots of wildlife around our home and we love nothing more than to preserve the nature and help nurture the wildlife here are just some of the ways we do this…


Now that spring is here and we are coming into summer and all the baby birds are hatching in their nests. The parents of these birds can be seen flying around trying to gather food daily to feed their young babies. One way we help these smaller birds out is by having a garden full of bird feeders. we make sure the bird feeders are small bird friendly and fill them with fat balls, seeds worms and more making sure nothing is too big so not to choke the baby bird that are being fed.

My daughters absolutely love doing this and regularly check to see if the need refills or the bird bath needs a refill (not so much Scotland is pretty wet haha!). I love that they take an interest in this and caring for the little animals that need a little extra help it teaches them a lot we even have a wild bird book and regularly mark all the species of birds we have seen on our travels.

Ways your family and kids can help the local wildlife


We regularly get hedgehogs in our little garden and we love it so much!! we often go out at night and watch them scurrying around looking for food but there is a lot of cats and dogs where we live so we decided a hedgehog shelter would be a perfect addition to our garden.

It gives the hedgehogs shelter from the weather and safety from peoples pets around us if they need it (we always have at least one in our shelter) we also leave a little bowl or two of worms and other treats just to help them out especially right now just after coming out of hibernation and the bowls are almost always empty in the morning.

Ways your family and kids can help the local wildlife


My youngest daughter has always had a fascination for insects if she isn’t saving them from the pathways and putting them back on the grass so they don’t get trampled on she’s out searching for what species she can find and note down in her bug book.

We went to the local wildlife reserve and saw the bug hotels for tired insects and bees and we just had to have one. Now we have a well used hotels in two places in our little garden as my daughter would say “bugs need love too mummy” and I totally agree!!

Ways your family and kids can help the local wildlife


We absolutely love butterflies and we know that a lot of their species are now going extinct so we decided to plant lots of flowers that attract butterflies and give them the nourishment they need to live we also sent away and got butterfly food to help them out a little more and its absolutely amazing just how many different species we get in out garden during the summertime.

My eldest daughter has a butterfly book where we mark every different species we have seen and log it in daily during the summer months.

Ways your family and kids can help the local wildlife


Last year we got in the habit of another tradition and that was saving the bees well because without the bees we wouldn’t have flowers, trees, our planet! So now we have a big patch of wild flowers and grass just for our bees.

We also leave a solution of sugar water out in a bowl for the tired bees that just need that little boost of energy for all the hard work they’ve been doing and it gets used a LOT!. we absolutely love doing this and watching them buzz around from flower to flower pollinating each and every one making our little garden look beautiful while they work to make honey.

Ways your family and kids can help the local wildlife

These are just some of the ways my little family love to help our local wildlife and I absolutely love that my daughters continue each year to gather more knowledge and empathy for the little things that help keep our world turning around. looking forward to seeing what this summer brings.

Do you do anything to help the wildlife where you live?

Kimberly xo

Ways your family and kids can help the local wildlife

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      1. maybe I should get my younger two to do the things that you do and they may appreciate things a little more x

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