I was nominated for the this or that challenge!!

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My wonderful fellow blogger Sammie nominated me for the this or that challenge! Sammie is an up and coming new blogger with a fresh, amazing outlook on life I love reading her blog post updates they always make me smile just when I need it most! I’m so happy we met and are now friends all over a little this little thing called blogging, so if you aren’t following her, give her a follow because I’m sure she will make you you smile and feel happy too!  

My this or that questions

Question 1: Shower in the morning or evening?

Oh I definitely prefer both, but to be honest morning. Only because I think it is a good way to start the day, all clean and refreshed! Also means it wakes me up because I’m definitely not a morning person I like to get up and have a shower before my daughters get up.

Question 2: City centre or close to nature?

City, as much as I love nature I have the worst hay fever going! Plus with the city there are more shops to buy clothes from so its a win-win situation!

Question 3: Bright colours or neutrals?

I’m definitely more of a neutral kind of gal mostly blacks and greys.

Question 4: Spring or Autumn?

Spring! Only because it means the summer is coming and the summer always brings happiness.

Question 5: Mint or cinnamon?

I like cinnamon but too much of it makes me sickly and I only like mint ice cream so I’ll go with cinnamon.

Question 6: Planned or spontaneous?

I am definitely the spontaneous type I go with the flow but definitely need to start planning things more.

Question 7: A movie at home or at the cinema?

Definitely the cinema it a much better experience seeing it on the big screen.

Question 8: Espresso or latte?

Latte, I always have a caramel latte to start my day.

Question 9: Hugs or kisses?

Kisses, hugs you can do with anyone, but kisses are so much more passionate and mean so much more!

Question 10: spicy or mild food?

I definitely prefer mild food too spicy and I won’t eat it.

Question 11: Leather or lace?

Lace, leather is so uncomfortable! At least with lace it is comfy and looks good at the same time, leather looks good but is so uncomfortable and sweaty!

Question 12: Overdressed or underdressed?

Underdressed, I do not dress up for any occasion other than a wedding, I’m either in jeans, leggings, shorts or sweatpants. Dresses and skirts are for weddings only haha.

Question 13: Adventure or comfort?

Adventure, I don’t do it enough but I love exploring new places With my daughters. We go camping regularly through the summer months too.

Question 14: TV Series or movie?

Oh this is a tough one for me I love both so much but a good tv series that has you hooked definitely is the best.

Question 15: Rock or Country music?

I like both but rock is my favourite.

Question 16: Red or white wine?

Both! I drink anything to be honest LOL! Although I drink rose more than red & white!

Question 17: Working alone or in a team?

Definitely in a team it’s great to be able to bounce ideas off people and gain a different insight.

Question 18: Swimming or sunbathing?

Why sunbathe when you can get a better tan when swimming! Have fun and tan! Easiest question on here I think haha!

Question 19: Fast food or sit-down restaurant?

definitely sitting at a restaurant especially with friends and family having a good chat and catch up.

Question 20: Matched or mismatched socks?

I don’t really mind a socks a sock it does a specific job keep your tootsies warm.

Question 21: Dancing or singing?

oh I can’t sing to save my life so definitely dancing although I can’t really dance haha but I sure give it a go.

Question 22: Phone or the internet?

Internet, what is the point of a phone without internet? I mean you can phone and message on pretty ,much all social media so phones are useless with internet around.

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers! Here are the people I challenge to answer these questions, if you want to change the questions or change it up a bit then feel free! 

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