A place to visit with your family…The Five Sisters Zoo Scotland!!

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On Thursday we had our day out at the Five Sisters Zoo/Animal rescue in Scotland. We try to go out on day trips over holiday periods as a family to spend some quality time together. This time was extra special as my older brother, his wife and two young daughters were visiting us from Westward Ho in Devon. This was the first time we had seen them in nearly two years and the first time meeting my little niece who is only 6 months old and of course see and spend time with my older niece who is three.

In the morning, we were able to explore the zoo and spend some time together. I of course had taken my camera to document our journey, take some photo’s and show the rest of our family who were unable to attend the outing our favourite animals.

We met at the zoo and got a map to sort out all the animals we wanted to visit first my older niece was so excited this was a very special day for her as it was her first outing to a zoo. It was a wonderful way for everyone to talk about their life and what’s been going on having a good catch up while keeping the kids amused and the especially loved to check the map and see what was still to be seen, the kids really enjoyed us working together to tick off all the different animals and plan the rest of the day around the park.

Best animal photo…

We visited the gofer enclosure and we weren’t disappointed they were fantastic to see and as you can see one even gave us a few big squeaks to say hello!

Some facts from me..

My favourite parts of the day…

Favourite place: definitely the meerkats enclose.

Best animal: The lions.

Best bit about the day: Getting to see the leapers talk and get REALLY close to it afterwards.

One new thing: Getting to see the newest rescue bears.

One thing I learnt: That fish have scales over their eyes, which is why their eyes often seem cloudy. They are really tough and keep their eyes safe.

Some photos of our day..

The meerkat enclosure was by far our favourite they have such amazing little personalities and were so inquisitive running around searching for little pieces of carrot the keepers had hidden in the enclosure and this beautiful bird was there to steal some food and keep the place clean.

We got to enter the bird enclosure where me were able to meet and see lots of different species of beautiful birds and have them fly around our head. ( ok this was a little scary as one of these practically landed on my head to my nieces delight haha).

The beautiful wallaby we got to go in beside and watch who had little baby’s in beside her. We saw lot’s of lovely little baby meerkats running around chasing after their mothers honestly they were so tiny like the size of my hand. Here is one of the gofers our to have a nose around and to see what all the fuss was about with the other one squeaking so loudly.The gofers were definitely a delight to watch they were so funny.

What the zoo said…

Welfare of our animals

As part of our Zoo license, there must be four official vet visits per year. These are carried out by the Royal Dick Veterinary School, Edinburgh. Vets look at every animal during these visits covering four main areas of diet, enclosures, enrichment and animal health.

We work closely with the Vet school and both students and vets regularily visit the Zoo to gain hands on experience and offer any additional advice. Signs should be evident on individual enclosures if animals are under any kind of veterinary treatment or supervision. If you have any concerns about any of our animals, please ask at the ticket desk to speak to one of our Keepers.

The Story of Five Sisters Zoo

Five Sisters Zoo’s mission is to encourage the conservation of endangered wildlife for both native and non-native species, and create a safe and natural environment for all animals in our collection.

Five Sisters Zoo was established in 2005 and is the most-visited wildlife attraction centre in West Lothian.  We are located about half a mile of the A71, outside of Polbeth, West Calder and only 10 minutes drive from the centre of Livingston.

The Zoo has grown into an exciting collection of over 180 different species of mammals, birds and reptiles from all around the world and we hope that your visit will be a fun, enjoyable and educational one for all ages.

The Zoo is privately owned and run by Brian and Shirley Curran with the help of our full time keepers.  We also have help from our large team of dedicated volunteers.  As a non profit making organisation, any money is injected back into the Zoo to help with the animals upkeep, veterinary bills and maintenance of the enclosures.

With over 180 different species of mammal, birds and reptiles, daily keeper talks, feeding and handling sessions and a large outdoor play & picnic area, the Five Sisters Zoo is a great day out for everyone all year round!

All in all, we had an amazing day out and it was really good fun. For all of the family, these kind of opportunities and experiences aren’t expensive and not out of reach for us and it definitely gave us a chance to spend some quality time together as a family of six nana, grandpa, mummy, daddy, myself and my two beautiful nieces. These trips give us the chance to spend quality time together and allow us to share in fun and educational experiences.

I give the zoo 5*/5*

Kimberly xo

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