How I save money on my food shopping!!

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Hello lovlies, welcome back to my page. Apparently the average person in the UK spends almost £210 per month for food (including toiletries and cleaning) per person in their family. If you think about it, that’s a bluddy lot of money for your food and other items, no matter how big or small your family is add that up and your sure to be scrimping the barrel as they say at the end of the month unless you are a millionaire (I wish).

But with some minor changes and clever tactics, you can actually spend a whole lot less because unlike some things, food spending is one of the few things that you can make major adjustments to. And thankfully, it doesn’t take rocket science to cut down your grocery shopping budget.

So I’ve put together some of my tips and tricks to help you cut down your spending. Some ideas are crafty, some you may already know, and some may take a little bit of work and maneuverability, but in the end, you’ll definitely save a reasonable chunk on your shopping bill.

Just remember, not all these tips will work for everyone, but I know a majority can.

So with that being said, let’s jump straight to the savings!

Before You Leave Home

Here are some of the best grocery shopping tips that you should use before you head to the store:

Track Your Expenses

One of the most important things to do before your food shop is to track your expenses that way you can determine your shopping budget.

But don’t worry, if you’re not too good with numbers and finances, there are great apps on your phone  or tablets to make this step a little bit easier just search for daily budget and you’ll get a number of them find the one that suits you best.

Meal Preparation

Planning out your meals for the week or even month will help you determine what exactly you’ll need from the grocery store and how much I have a food journal that I sit at the end of every week and write out my weekly meals.

Make a shopping List

This is just common sense but making a list if the easiest way to see what you need and estimate how much it should cost.


Shop at Cheap Grocery Stores

Sure you can still find decent bargains and deals at Tesco and Sainsbury’s, but nothing will ever beat cheaper supermarkets like Lidl’s, Aldi’s or Iceland.

By shopping at these cheaper stores, you can find plenty of great food options at a fraction of the cost. I mean seriously, you can get bags of oranges for £1 while the same thing will cost you upwards of £5 at Sainsbury’s or any other major grocery chain.

Clever Cookbooks

Investing in those clever cookbooks can help you save money on food costs while also feeding you and your entire family. Just by making minor switches in your diet and meal plans, you can truly save a lot of money.

Here is one cookbook that I use! It will most definitely help you save money!


Leave the Kids at Home

By leaving the kids at home, you can focus on what you need to buy without having anyone nagging you about buying crisps, ice cream and other extra things you don’t actually need.

And it’s not just kids… significant others and roommates are guilty too.

Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry

When you shop when you’re hungry, everything looks delicious. This is dangerous especially if you’re on a budget because you can easily blow through your grocery shopping budget with things you probably don’t need.

That’s why you should consider packing mints or chewing gum to help curve that hunger this way you won’t be shopping with your stomach first.

Shop at Costco

You’d be surprised on the kind of deals you can find on food at Costco they constantly have deals, coupons and of course multipacks for sale..

Grab a Newspaper

Yes people, they still exist!. And thankfully for us our local newspaper still has grocery store coupons and weekly ads.

Go to the Farmer’s Markets

Most farmer’s markets have great deals on fresh produce and other tasty products.

Just a simple search on Google will bring up the nearest farmer’s markets for you to check out! Not only are the products cheaper they are also locally grown and fresher plus you will be supporting the local farmers in this time of need.


Shop at Multiple Stores

Not all stores are created equally and the same applies to product prices. By shopping at multiple stores, you’ll be able to find cheaper prices and deals that one store couldn’t give you.

Some stores may have reduced produce that you can freeze or use that day or after, others may even have ridiculous deals on meat.

Use What You Have Up at Home First

As tempting as it is to go the store and get new delicious goods, using up what you have first helps you limit the risk of throwing out or wasting the older food in your kitchen the food waste these days is actually unreal. An empty fridge is okay! As long as there’s a few good meals that you can squeeze out you don’t need that fridge stocked until you can’t close the door and end up throwing away rotten food you can’t eat.

Here’s a pretty awesome book called that I personally use! You can actually search for recipes based on what ingredients have in your kitchen.


At the Supermarket.

Here are some supermarket tips that you should try to follow when you’re at the store:

Go for Generic Store Brands

In most cases, generic store brands are just as good at the name brands. And in some cases, the generic store brands are actually better than the more popular brands. The way I see it is that if you can’t taste a major difference, than saving a nice chunk of money by switching to generic is worth it.

Buy Bagged Produce

Bagged products are typically cheaper than loose items, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables.


Buy in Bulk

In general, some items are a lot cheaper when bought in bulk especially pasta, cereal, rice and other products like toilet paper or cleaning products.

Don’t Always Go For the Grass-fed Meat

Sure you may be able to taste a little difference, but in reality, if the goal is to just put food in your belly, regular meat is 100% acceptable. Plus it’s at a fraction of the costs.

Research has shown that grain-fed (regular) meat is typically unhealthier due to less Omega-3 and CLA, but in reality, regular, non-grass fed meat is just as healthy.

Opt for Powdered, Not Liquid

By switching to powdered variations of some foods, you can cut costs significantly.

You see, in some foods like jelly cups, ice lollies, fruit juices, and broths, you’re actually paying a little bit more because of the water and liquid that it contains, as well as the container/packaging.

But just by switching to the powdered variations of these products, you’ll see a huge drop in your shopping bill.

Don’t Buy Pre-Cut Food

When you buy any food that has been pre-cut, you are likely to pay a huge premium. It’s just laziness that we go straight for the pre-cut meats or bread.

Bring a Calculator

Your phone calculator will work fine too.

This allows you to keep track of exactly how much you’re spending and accurately display how much your shopping trolly is worth.

Use Coupons

You’ll already know all about this but coupons are by far the best way to save money on items.

Plus there are plenty of ways to extreme coupon and virtually save thousands.

I really hope these tips and tricks help your family budget and save those pennies and much as it has mine. do you have a way to budget for your food shop? id love to hear them.


Kimberly xo


8 thoughts on “How I save money on my food shopping!!

  1. We always make a meal plan and only buy exactly what we need. We both hate the idea of spending more than necessary on food and toiletries. We buy online which helps prevent buying offers for the sake of it because you don’t see them unless you seek them out and online shopping also helps solves the “dont shop when you’re hungry issue

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