Why am I such an angry mother?!

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Hello lovelies, If you have asked yourself lately, “Why am I an angry mother?” then keep reading. If you know you need more help than a post, then I also know exactly what you’re looking for. Also, here’s some encouragement for the emotionally exhausted mothers out there because I know I’m not alone.

It was a day much like any other.

Loud. Stimulating. Demanding.

My teenage daughter didn’t want to go to bed and was whining with a piercing moan with added “but it’s only 10:30 pm my friend gets to stay up late” My daughter was then proclaiming she wanted more juice and she was hungry. And the back chat of cheek was out of this world talking to me like a piece of shit!.

All this built up into a cacophony of clanging symbols in my head as I felt my brain expanding to a breaking point! I was ready to blow a fucking fuse. Remember those cartoons when you were younger and the steam comes out their ears that’s exactly what I looked like.

Then, in a loud thunderous voice, I screamed, “SHUT UP for goodness sake!”

Then, in completely shock, I stared at my daughter. She was stood there staring back at me and then – in a split second – she started crying. Not just a little, loud anguished tears.

I sat down on the floor by her and we ended up crying together with me apologising that I hadn’t kept it together that I had broken down and let it out and her apologising that she wasn’t doing as she was told it was a huge mess.

Oh… to be a fly on the wall of that moment.

I never considered myself an angry person it takes a very long time to break my temper.

I also never considered myself a “baby” person and here I have two kids and been a mother since I was only 18.

So… there’s that.

Since becoming a mother I have come face to face with my temper. I’d like to blame my bipolar, but I have to be honest with myself her yeah my bipolar disorder doesn’t help but it’s not all to blame either.

There are certain behaviors and circumstances that give rise to my anger and it’s something I consistently must guard in our home. Why?

  • Because I don’t want my kids to remember me as being mean and angry.
  • Because having a mean and angry mom will give your kids issues.
  • Because it’s just plain and simple no fun to be in a bad mood.

Here are 5 common reasons you get angry with your kids.

1. You take things personally.

Mother’s tend to take disobedience a personal insult. I say do this, they do the complete opposite, and I want to get offended at their audacity of doing so.

Then I remind myself they are children. They intuitively want to please their parents but they don’t intuitively know how. Unless you want to be nuts all day and night, you cannot take their behavior and choices personally.

When your anger rises after a particular situation, and before you pounce, take a minute to think about the root of your anger. Are you mad simply because they didn’t do what you said?

Fair enough they need to obey, but your anger will not bring about the type of obedience you want. Calm down and remember, it’s consistency, discipline, and training that brings about your desired results, not their fear of your angry outbursts.

2. Your expectations need adjusting.

It’s hard to know what to rightfully expect as mothers. You don’t want to low ball or high ball the kids by expecting what they can’t deliver or not expecting what they should.

This is a work in progress that needs regular tweaking, but if you are expecting your 13-year-old to act like a 26-year-old then you’ll get angry.

Yesterday, I was feeling completely wiped out. I was laying down on the couch feeling sore from my osteoporosis (which I like to do when I’m trying to rest a bit) and my youngest daughter kept coming to the living room and asking for things.

1st she was bored 2nd she was hungry (we just ate lunch) third she wanted paints out. Then my teenage daughter chimes in that she was also bored and that she needed clothes to go out with friends baring in mind her wardrobe is full that wasn’t good enough she wanted the jeans that needed washed.

I actually sat up and, without even thinking, said, “can’t you do anything for yourselves!” Ha. Then I laughed at myself and hugged and cuddled my daughter and realized I needed to get a grip and some expectation tweaking with all my kids.

I can expect a good attitude, not if I’m crabby all the time.

3. You’re empty and need a recharge.

Motherhood calls for a lot of sacrifice, but I don’t think sanity is one of the things we should sacrifice. There are certain things we must do just because we must.

However, we should attempt to include in our day time to ourselves where at all possible. If you are empty and have nothing to give – yet still continue giving – what you’re giving is not a gift. Does that make sense?

Get your husband to watch the kids or another family member. Put them all to bed early and do something that helps you relax or recharge. If you can manage, go on a mummy vacation for a weekend (if possible).

If not, sit down with a pencil and brainstorm ways you can get what you need to stay sane. Start or continue some hobbies. I particularly enjoy gardening it’s my own space, my own time and it’s quiet, plus my daughters don’t particularly enjoy helping out.

4. You’ve let things get out of control and need a reset.

It hurts me to type this, but most of our children’s behavior is a result of our own parenting. Not all, obviously, because they have their own free will. However, if we are lax, too strict, or inconsistent their free time will cause them to do things that aren’t desirable.

It’s perfectly normal we find a good system, go on autopilot, and then realize our system needs some tweaking. If your home atmosphere seems to be getting out of control I’d suggest hitting the reset button.

Tighten the reins for a week. Be over the top consistent. Evaluate your expectations then explain over and over again what you expect from them. Explain over and over again what will happen if they don’t do what you expect.

It’ll be tiresome for a week believe me, but you should expect to see a return to normal and pleasant behavior within a short period of time. It’s all about big picture thinking. This has helped me a great amount of times getting back into the swing of things.

5. You’re stressed and need an outlet.

When I’m stressed and have not processed it well, I become a short-tempered person. Every little stupid thing ticks me off. Whether your outlet is some type of hobby (crafty or non-crafty) or sport, find some way to let out your frustration in other ways than exploding with your kids.

Also, if you are habitually stressed it may be time to do some more extreme measures like counseling or anger management activities.

You may not be able to control the circumstances that cause you stress, but your children shouldn’t suffer for it. Perhaps you need to cut back on commitments, slow down, and re-evaluate your priorities.

Even if something drastic must be done, you will be glad you did something when you’re able to finish a day without having lost it

But back to that screaming moment…

We sat there on the floor crying and then, after a bit, I started laughing. Amazingly enough, she started laughing too. “I’m so sorry, sweetie,” I said.

“I’m sorry too, mum!” She said, as she hugged and kissed me.

So… while it’s normal to get angry, we should be able to manage it.

While our kids do need to understand their actions have consequences, we don’t need to explode on them.

And instead of just trying not to yell, remember: anger is not the issue, a deeper issue is the issue.

I really hope these tips help you as much as they have our little family. Being a single parent is tough, in fact being a parent is bluddy tough altogether! It’s definitely demanding and I had to find some ways to get through the hardest times using these strategies have definitely helped.

Kimberly xo

Why am I such an angry mother

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6 thoughts on “Why am I such an angry mother?!

  1. I can’t really relate to this because I’m not a parent but I love how open and honest you are and that you share your experiences for what they are and you don’t sugar-coat them for the internet. You’re doing a great job with your girls <3

    1. Thank you so much sweetie I’m an open book and always have just written exactly what’s happening and how I feel it’s therapeutic for me like a journal but everyone else can read it too xo 😘

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