You know you are raising a diva when…

Hello lovelies, welcome back to my page. After a fair few conversations with my very close mummy friends about our daughters and their behaviour, whether it be acting up, things they say, putting on shows or driving us insane. I’ve come to the conclusion we’re just raising little divas so I have put together ways you will know if you have a diva.

Now I know that all toddlers have a little Bit of Beyonce lurking in them but how can you tell if you are raising a full on, demanding diva. Well as someone who is the primary carer of two girls I know the signs, and here they are..

  • Unusual demands

So some of us have our children go to school/pre-school and we are eternally grateful to the lovely people who have chosen caring for our children as their career path Well because frankly I know I couldn’t cope with teaching all day everyday these woman and men truly don’t get enough credit for what they do! Going from the demands we get like peeling and apple and taking every seed out so they don’t grow a tree in their tummy, stopping the rain well because frankly the grass has had enough water now, only using a certain cup because their hand doesn’t fit and they don’t want to hold a bigger cup, (that’s too much hard work) Not doing their hair properly so you have to take it out and re-do it five times over!

  • Family photos

Those beautiful family photos will be a thing of the past. They must either be doing a fake smile which takes over her (and everyone else’s) entire face or they will decide ‘no thanks, not today, you’ll have to go through my agent’ and you will have lots of photos of a family day out with one member who will be sulking, arms crossed behind the camera. Only parent without a picture of their child in the school nativity? Me. My daughter was having an off day. Just take my word for it, she was an incredibly convincing Angel.

  • Public meltdowns

You think it was bad when Brittney shaved her head in front of the press in 2007? That was nuttin’ bitch. Toddler Zoe will shave YOUR head whilst laughing and then sobbing hysterically (soz supernanny, i’m sure it’ll grow back) They lay down on the floor in the middle of the store and won’t budge because walking to the car is just too much for them and if you try to move them the tears, screams, bright red face, kicking comes and you’ll be left stood there mortified!

  • The performances

Over the course of both my daughters lives I have endured, sorry, enjoyed, hundreds, if not thousands of shows. Mainly bizarre interpretive dance performances with a huge amount of compulsory audience participation. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can be called up, it’s a bit like being in the army. Even being out shopping, family trips you name it a show could arise and you have to go along even the older gentleman in the supermarket who was kind enough to cheer ‘thank you so much’ for not giving me a terror trip!

So, does this all sound familiar? hang in there parent of diva, take it from someone who knows, diva babies turn into amazing, independent, strong girls.

I have no idea, who she gets from….

Where’s the wine??

Kimberly xo


4 thoughts on “You know you are raising a diva when…

  1. I don’t have any kids but I have a 5 year old brother and he is a diva with a mouth of his own. I remember a time when he demanded me to make him white rice and hotdogs. I was like whatttttt where did he get this idea from😂😂. Oh and the public tantrums omgggg, he’s so dramatic. Every time we go out with my mom he demands that she gets him a toy even though he has 100000000 toys at home, apparently to him “Its not enough” 😭😭

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