Why are human beings such assholes??!!

Hello lovelies, welcome back to my page. So today I was out shopping with my daughters at the local shopping centre near my house, I don’t particularly enjoy shopping it’s more of a needs must type of trip for me I don’t enjoy the pushy people and the crowds of people walking around me I’d much rather just shop online. As I was walking through the shopping centre I was casually watching the thousands of people walking by, getting served at the checkout and eating in McDonald’s among other places to eat.

It occurred to me ‘some people are really just assholes!!’

For instance we were walking through the centre by the shops and there were lots of people who were out walking with their young children in prams or with toddlers walking along with them quite the thing and I noticed one woman really struggling to get control of her toddler (who was laying on the floor having a tantrum) and trying to push a very young baby into a shop and couldn’t get through the big heavy door.

Now there was a good 20 odd people walked straight by her, just staring at her or shaking their head in disgust like she had done something wrong and I thought “what are they doing?” I rushed over and asked if I could help and she graciously let me take the pram and we got the three of them into the shop through the doors she was stuck at. She then thanked me over and over again and I said it’s no problem we’ve all been there (well I know I have).

What got me is why these assholes thought they were better than her? Why shake their head or just walk by seeing her struggle and just ignore it like she wasn’t there. Is it not drummed into us as children that we should help others in need because I know that’s exactly what my parents taught me. I couldn’t just walk by I had to take those two seconds and stop ask if she would like help, there’s no need to be an asshole!!

We then got to the local Asda (large supermarket) we walked around the shop and got our food shopping with lots of people pushing by and being down right rude, I just shook this off everyone is allowed a bad day clearly this was their day! But when we got to the checkout we had a trolley full of food shopping and an older gentleman who I’d say was at least in his 70s came up behind us with only two things, at this point my THIRTEEN year old daughter stopped putting things on the belt and asked the older gentleman if he wanted to go in front of us as he only had a couple of items which in our family is normal that’s just showing respect.

As the gentleman put his items on the belt he got a little confused and put his stuff in front of the gentleman before us who was in his 50s now this gentleman got really angry and picked up the older gentleman’s items and said “eh that’s my stuff” in a really rude way. I just stood there in complete shock I couldn’t understand why this gentlemen had to be so rude and disrespectful there was no need at all. Another asshole!

The woman who was serving at the checkout was just as bad the gentleman got his stuff thrown at him, not asked if he needed a carrier for his items and as soon as he paid she basically ignored him and started pushing my items through. I had to stop her get the gentleman a carrier help him with his items and make sure he was ok which he was and he kept thanking me.

What is the deal today is everyone just out to be an asshole??!!

What really gets me is the younger generation disrespecting our older generation, if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have what we have now it’s like they turn a certain age and people just can’t be bothered with them anymore and it really does get to me. My grandad is 85 years old he does get a little confused sometimes or goes a little slower than us young people but he’s had a hard life he’s 85 and of course he’s not going to be bouncing around like he did in his 20s this does not give other people the right to treat him or any other older person like a piece of shit!

That is my rant for the day people can really be assholes and there’s no need for it whatsoever!!

Is it just me who’s noticed this? Has anyone else been in the same situation?

Kimberly xo


12 thoughts on “Why are human beings such assholes??!!

  1. It seems to be a pandemic. People get so caught up in their own lives and begin to think they are the most important person in the world, only to end up causing problems, but, or course, it’s not their fault! It’s almost as though people choose to forget manners and kindness.

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  2. I do little bits wherever I can like helping people with prams or walking aids onto trains or busses etc.
    About 7 years ago when we had a really bad winter my mum had just had my youngest sister (it was an emergency c-section and she was struggling a little). We needed some bits and bobs so I offered to walk into the village and get whatever was left at the shops. On my walk back home I came across a little old lady (I’d say in her early 80’s) I asked if she was ok and she said she’d had a hip replacement and was worried about slipping on the ice. A fair few people had passed by her and it broke my heart because that could be my nana or gran so I offered to walk her home she accepted (a little reluctantly because she didnt want to be a “burden”) I hooked an arm with her and walked her home. My mum called me to see where I was so I told her and let her know I’d be back soon (my brother and step dad were home with her so I knew she was ok) I left my number with the lady and told her to make sure she called me if she needed anymore shopping while the weather was bad and not to risk her hip! She still sends me a christmas card even now I’ve moved out and mum said she was so proud of me but I don’t really see it as anything special just common decency!
    Sounds like you have a really gracious and considerate daughter, you’re obviously teaching her the important lessons.

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    1. Thank you so much ☺️ that’s exactly how we are as a family too we would help everyone and anyone who needed it like you say it’s common decency it sounds like you were brought up the night way too ❤️xo


  3. I really enjoyed this post , people really can be assholes.

    The mother with the tantrum throwing child, people just didnt do anything because they were waiting for someone else to. I learned this in Psychology class, it’s called the “bystander affect”. I’m glad that you were the one to help her because you know what it feels like, everyone else are assholes for just watching.

    And the thing with the old man, people are so hot headed and quick to say something rude to someone without knowing the whole story.

    Honestly the solution to people who are assholes is to just be assholes back lol. Let them meet their match. Some people think that they can talk to strangers in any disrespectful way. If someone is disrespectful to me, they’re going to get the same energy back. And I bet you they wouldn’t like it.

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    1. I totally agree with you I managed to keep my mouth closed haha it was really hard though especially with the older gentleman who really actually only needed a little help not someone like that treating him like dirt.

      No matter how I’m feeling I always show people respect and my daughters do the same I just don’t understand why other people can’t do the same it’s not hard.

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