10 reasons why blogging/working is actually a holiday!!

Hello lovlies, welcome back to my page. today I thought I’d share with you my ten reasons why I think blogging/working is a holiday…

Ten reasons why…

1. You can drink a cup of tea. While it is still hot!! You may also said tea down on your desk unattended and enjoy not having to scream ‘Watch my tea. please watch the tea its hot! Watch my TEA!’ as a small person toddles closer and closer to it.

2. You get to wear something which doesn’t have vomit-crust on the sleeve, food down the front and wet patches where your child has lovingly spilled their juice. You may even branch out from those black leggings. You little minx go you mama!!.

3. You don’t get followed to the toilet, or watched while you are on the toilet (hopefully). You could even sit there in silence for half an hour if you wanted to, though it might lead your social media being updated from on the loo please no selfies haha!!

4. Your lunch is your lunch yes mama that delicious salad you bought for your lunch because you’re on that other diet is all yours. It doesn’t get stolen by tiny hands. Or even sneezed or coughed on.

5. Nobody in your office climbs all over you (unless you want them to – which is, of course, your business you do you mama). You won’t feel the urge to lock yourself in the toilet with your fingers in your ears shouting ‘will everybody just LEAVE ME ALONE!’ (while crying). Yes, this may have happened at home……A few times!!!

6. There is less risk of actual bodily harm, as the odds of getting smacked around the head with a Lightsaber or lego bricks are significantly lower. Unless you have some freaky coworkers.

7. You can converse all day with adults talking about Eastenders, diets and affairs. ‘No she DIDN’T?! So she wasn’t really at her mothers oh that dirty?’ yes even if it is only through text it is still classed as adult conversation.

8. You can go more than ten minutes without having to use a baby wipe for some kind of bodily fluid or the fear of the dreaded chocolate faces. Unless you are very clumsy like me and may still carry baby wipes everywhere you go.

9. Telephones ringing, computer keyboards clicking, a low murmur of voices … .all these noises are preferable to the brain-drilling chorus of children screaming over the sound of stampy cat ( I think thats his name) on youtube screaming or the sound of Minecraft playing while your child screams “mummy…mummy….MUMMY!!! I got a sheep!! oh yes the struggle is real.

10. Finally, you can actually go for a walk on your break time. Alone. WITHOUT CARRYING A BAG. nothing just you the rain ( I live in Scotland haha) and the fresh air what could be better?


While at work, of course the lesser appreciated benefits of staying at home might be missed. These might include:

– Not having to make small talk with people you don’t really like.

– Eating what you fancy without being silently judged by colleagues on the perfect diet with perfect waistlines….ugh!!.

– Not having to get dressed. Or even washed. yes I may do this don’t judge haha!

– Watching the great British bake off on repeat even though you hardly bake..oh the pretty cakes!!

The work day also brings with it the realisation that sometimes you will actually miss your children so much your heart will hurt, like actual pain from missing those tiny humans that drive you insane. Pretty sure it’s a medical condition.

Kimberly xo


6 thoughts on “10 reasons why blogging/working is actually a holiday!!

  1. I remember the days, my children are now 20 and 16 so i get to eat my lunch, not gaurd my tea and visit the loo unchaparoned. But enjoy those moments, they are gone in a flash. I do get tired if hearing mum a thousand times before they actually say why they need me, not sure that one ever goes away.

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  2. Don’t have children so can’t relate to that but yeah working on a blog or anything at home it much better than going into work and being nagged by my boss or customers all day 🙂

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