My VITL health supplements review….are the subscriptions worth it??

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Monday 9th April

Today I start my journey with the Vitl healthy vitamin and minerals subscription service and I’m looking forward to see it, this tailored pack that was custom made for me and promised to helps my overall well being.

A little bit of back story…around four years ago I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma T-cell a rare aggressive form of blood cancer and had to undergo over six months of strong chemotherapy I am very happy and blessed to say out of all the odds I beat this cancer and kicked it’s ass big time!! (Woohoo does little dance) the only downside to having to undergo this treatment was the lasting side effects afterwards.

For the past few years that I have been in remission my body feels like it has just given up I have no immune system always catching the flu or anything else that comes to my household due to having two young daughters. So this year after suffering in silence I went on the search for some way I could try and give my body the nutrition and boost it needed to make me feel healthy and live a happy normal lifestyle again this is where Vitl comes in.

I came across Vitl on instagram and got researching I went through page after page review after review trying to understand how it works and would it be beneficial for me to pay the monthly subscription to see if it would help I was desperate at this point and the page was so easy to get around within minutes I had gone through my consultation and got a tailored box just for me I don’t think I’ve ever clicked yes fast enough in my life!

My box came through the letterbox within two days yes only TWO days I was so excited so I go through it reading all the nutritional information and what my custom made box will do to help my body and it in all honesty looks fantastic and this is where I am now Monday morning 9th of April 2018 I took my first strip of my hopefully secret weapon to getting my old self back!.

The package was fantastic so well put together and easy to figure out how to use what to take each day and so my journey begins. I am going to follow my 28 day pack and record any changes or developments I see happening to myself and my body praying that this is the miracle I’ve been wanting for so long……fingers crossed!!!

Week 1 update Sunday 15th April 2018.

It’s been a full week since I started my vitl journey and I can honestly say first of all it’s so easy to take, just wake up in the morning have my porridge and take my daily strip and boom it’s done for the day as easy as that each day has what day it is on the strip so you never miss a day out too. I’m not sure if I can feel a huge difference in myself just yet as it has only been one week but I can say I have been sleeping better and had more energy during the day which I never had before which is amazing.

Week 2 update.

Well its been exactly two weeks since I started my VITL journey and I have to say I’ve definitely noticed some changes in myself. For one I’m not so lethargic and run down all the time I feel awake up fresh to start the day every morning and have been able to go to the toilet often which is a huge deal for me having IBS. I’m very prone to catching colds like every other week because of my immune system being so low after chemotherapy and I did catch the cold this week but instead of having to see me GP for steroids and antibiotics for my asthma my body was able to fight the cold on its own which hasn’t happened in years!

Week 3 & 4 update

Well what can I say this subscription box is fantastic not only am I feeling so much better within myself but I am actually able to have a good nights sleep too! This very rarely happens with me and I have tried so many different sleep medications and tips but this combination of vitamin supplements are actually helping I honestly can’t believe it! I haven’t caught the cold, I feel like I have more energy to do things throughout the day and my body feels less sore when I do get outside and walking around. My anxiety has been low and not had as many panic attacks at all!

My thoughts..

I went in to this not expecting anything at all, I had been on medication and supplements before and nothing changed the way my body felt at all. But I can surely say I am pleasantly surprised you the outcome of taking Vitl each day. It is so easy to use each strip has the day of the week and you can clearly see when you need to take them. I would highly recommend you trying this out as it benefits for me having been so amazing I’ll definitely be keeping my subscription can’t wait to see how I feel in another four weeks time.

Kimberly xo

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