Get those mops out…Jam out…..The best spring cleaning playlist!!!

Hello lovlies, if you are anything like me then you definitely don’t look follow to all those lovely household chores, cleaning is such a plague on your existence that you’ve been reduced to maybe bribing your children or partner to get even the slightest bit of tidying accomplished (haha I really wish that worked). Unfortunately its all left to me (huge sigh) as soon as that hoover comes out, cleaning caddy is on show my girls disappear like theres no tomorrow haha! So I came up with an ingenious plan to help me get through those dreaded chores and stay motivated. I’ve started crafting playlists that I save only for housework time I plug in those earphones and off I go!! A high-tempo very mixed playlist of sing-along songs and it honestly makes the time fly by and before I know it the chores are done and I’m chilling on the couch in a nice clean home with a well deserved cuppa and chocolate biscuit (i’m British haha).  Because I’m burning so many calories rocking out, working up a good sweat i’ll have that beach body before you know it haha!! ok ok thats a little far-fetched but I girl can wish right?!!

So today i’m going to share with you one of my favourite playlists that keeps me fighting through and gets those chores done!!

Spring cleaning playlist

Me cleaning hahaha!! No joke!!


Hey I’ll try anything to make housework that little bit more fun haha!! What do you do to help you through the dreaded housework days??

Kimberly xo


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