My top ten parenting tips that I learned from being a teenage mother!!

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Hello lovelies, welcome back to my page I hope you are having a wonderful day. Today I wanted to share with you my top ten parenting tips I’ve learned over the years and believe me when I say ‘learned’ I really mean it! I was a teenager mother having my daughter at 18 years old and I thought both of it than going with the flow and I knew best, boy was I wrong haha I definitely learned from my mistakes and with my second daughter only three years later I knew a whole lot of new skills I wish I knew as a new mother so here are my top ten tips for parenting I hope they help you as much as they have me.

Top ten tips…

1. Fill your home will love. Show your child every single day you love and respect their choices and decisions and you take their thoughts into consideration. It shows them how to show respect in return and growing up they will follow your example.

2. Listen to your children’s feelings and thoughts if they’re doing something you may not agree with talk with them show them you’re willing to listen to their reasons behind their choice and then explain why they should or shouldn’t be doing it. Don’t just give them into trouble without explaining why or listening to them, Compromise is key.

3. Focus on what’s good about your children. Don’t just put them down all the time or focus on their bad behaviour instead focusing on the good and rewarding this behaviour will in turn make them behave better.

4.Have your children to do things for themselves so they feel able I thought my teenage daughter and younger daughter very young how to be independent don’t just take over to get it done quickly instead take that extra five minutes and teach them how to cook or play a game it will benefit them down the line.

5. Know what your children can do based on their age and abilities. For instance I know my older daughter is able to cook herself something to eat and keep her bedroom organised while my younger daughter who’s nine still needs a little help with her bedroom and help to cook herself something to no matter how independent she wants to be.

6. Follow through with rules and consequences. Never say you’re going to ground them or take away their laptop or tablet time and not do it just to make your life easier because believe me it backfires big time I found this out the hard way and now my teenage daughter likes to keep pushing and pushing no matter what the consequences might be. I learned from these consequences and my younger daughter now knows no means no and that’s it she takes the consequence and deals with it even if she doesn’t like it.

7. Do not hit, blame, or shame! Everyone has their own ways of disciplining their children I for one think that you don’t need to hit/smack your children it solves nothing and instead it shows your children that when you’re unhappy with what someone has done violent behaviour is the way to go.

8. Expect mistakes (yours and theirs) and learn from them. I definitely have made mistakes being a teenage mother myself I let my older daughter away with everything and I paid the consequences for it. I also understand they will make mistakes in life but it’s my job to show them that mistake and explain why it was wrong and point them in the correct direction to go from that mistake.

9. Behave how you want your children to behave. I am a huge believer in this if you want your children to behave in a certain way in life and certain situations you are the person they will follow by example, if they see you shouting and violent that’s how they will behave because that’s normal to them mummy does it so I must do it.

10. Maintain a sense of humor. This is a huge part of our daily life if things go wrong and we make mistakes we laugh about them that’s life these things happen m. Don’t be serious all the time have a giggle with your children get silly those are the memories that will be embedded in their brain once they grow up and follow their own paths.

Think about your long-term goals for your children — what traits do you want them to have as adults? By knowing where you are heading, you are more likely to get there. Use your morals and values to raise kids you like and respect.

Your children will be more likely to listen to you if you have a loving relationship with them. You also need to teach them how to behave so they become capable and caring adults showing empathy for others in their life.

There is no “one size fits all” way to parent. Everyone needs to find what works best for them and their children. These Top Ten Tips can help you create a family in which your kids feel supported and loved.

What is your best parenting tip that you’ve learned over the years of having a child?.

Kimberly xo

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11 thoughts on “My top ten parenting tips that I learned from being a teenage mother!!

  1. These are nice tips. Children definitely watch us to know what they can and can’t do. My husband often hates that I live by the golden rule (do unto others as you wish done to you), but I find it useful for raising kids. If I treat them like a human with their own needs and wants, likes and dislikes, who have good and bad days, then I find my toddler does the same. He actually understands when I’m having a hard time and will try to comfort me and help with his baby sister. It might just be who he is, but it’s also important to just treat him like a person rather than someone who people think is too young to understand anything. I think it gives him a stronger sense of who he is.

    1. I totally agree you sound so much like me that’s exactly what I do with both my daughters and as much as they do need me for certain things they’re also very independent and want to learn and do things for themselves. Also they do the exact same thing as your little boy they show empathy and sympathy for others if they see them having a hard time like myself for instance having bipolar I have good days and bad but they always come to me by themselves and give me a hug ask if I need anything or if I would like a drink of water or cup of tea. It definitely gives them the ability to show themselves and others how much they can do and makes them a better person in the long run xo 😘

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