My own little zoo!!

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Hello lovelies, I really do hope you have had a wonderful week and are looking forward to spending time with your family, friends and having lots of adventures this weekend that’s exactly what I have planned my eldest daughter is off to the caravan with nana and it’s just myself and my youngest daughter for a weekend full of snuggling, movies and munchies because we have the cold.

Today I thought I’d introduce you our very own little zoo and a little bit about them.


First we have my beautiful whippet named Lady. Reasoning behind her name? She most definitely thinks she’s a little lady too good to be out in the rain oh no can’t get those paws wet. Also because she only will eat a certain type of dog food oh yes the most expensive one is best literally won’t even sniff the cheaper ones. Lady is a full pedigree whippet and comes from the Cornstalk show dogs line. Her mother and grandmother have both won crufts which is amazing! And she is Scottish born and bread.


Next we have a black and white cat named willow she is still a kitten and the newest addition to our little family. Willow is a funny little cat if she isn’t sitting on top of my curtain pole on the living room window she’s following me around constantly meowing at me to get a treat. Definitely another spoiled pet. She is supposed to be my eldest daughters cat but she almost never goes near her it’s always me (I’m not even a cat person) she even sleeps on my pillow on top of my head at night no matter how many times i move her i wake up with a tail in my face or her neading my scalp haha.

Ball python

Now we have Arwen our banana pastel ball python. Arwen is roughly around three years old she’s the most gentle snake I’ve ever owned over the years never nipped anyone who has handled her even my 9 year old daughter will go take her out her vivarium for snuggling no problem. She absolutely loves a warm bath especially if her shed gets stuck she will swim around then just chill out loving the warm water and relaxing. She eats frozen food not live as we don’t agree with that and it’s illegal in our country.

Crested gecko

Ok now we have Lumos (yes we love Harry Potter haha) our crested gecko. He is around one years old and is absolutely stunning his little face is so cute he always looks like he’s smiling at you. Lumos doesn’t really enjoy being held which I don’t mind one bit but when I do have to handle him to clean his enclosure etc he is so gentle and will just sit watching me and waiting to go back home. Except one time where I was holding hip a little too close to my face and doing the whole baby talk (yes I talk to my pets haha) and he was looking at me funny the next thing I knew he was on my face and gripping my nose haha I totally got a fright and my daughters were laughing uncontrollably haha!


Ok now we have Aria our Mexican red knee tarantula. She is absolutely stunning and roughly around a year old. She is the most gentle tarantula I’ve ever owned in fact when cleaning out her enclosure she will walk up my arm by herself and just chill out on my shoulder watching everything I’m doing. My youngest daughter absolutely loves taking her out and handling her but I try not to do it very often as they are so fragile. She eats crickets and hoppers once or twice a week depending on what time of year it is in the winter she doesn’t eat as much. She definitely is one of my favourite pets we have.

Giant African land snails

Now we have our giant African land snails . We have one really big one called Betty (my daughter named her haha) and three baby jadatzi white flesh ones called marlin, memo and dori they are amazing creatures to watch and handle. They love a good helping of fruits and veggies daily with a little calcium or their salt licks . It’s fantastic to watch them grow from tiny little snails to these giants who take up almost all of your hand. They are actually my youngest daughters she loves them, cares for them and feeds them herself every single day which I find fantastic it’s a great way for her to learn responsibility and she absolutely loves it.

Well that’s an introduction to our very own little zoo. Some people say I am mad for having so many pets but we love each and every one of them and they are all healthy and happy. If it was down to my daughters we would have even more we regularly rescue unwanted pets and find them a good loving home which is one of our favourite things to do.

Do you have any pets?

Kimberly xo

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9 thoughts on “My own little zoo!!

  1. Wow you guys are awesome!!
    We don’t have any pets although my kids constantly beg for one of any kind. with 6 kids though I have no room for pets haha! Love your blog posts keep it up! xxoo

    1. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ˜Š if I had the money weโ€™d keep all the ones we rescue itโ€™s so hard seeing them without a loving home but we make sure that they go to the perfect forever home. Thank you so much for reading my post xo ๐Ÿ˜˜

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog post believe me if you knew me in real life you would see how crazy I am after having them all haha but theyโ€™re totally worth it I just canโ€™t see an animal going without a good home or not loved If I could Iโ€™d keep every one we help lol xo ๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. Oh my! I reveled in this gorgeous post!!! Lady is such a beauty and I too have doggies that will only eat the most expensive of dog foods! Willow is one of my favorite names and so suits your sweet kitty – a side note, cats seem to prefer the company of people who are decidedly not cat people ๐Ÿ˜€
    Arwen is amazing (how did you choose her name? Lord of the Rings?) I have always wanted a pet python. As a die hard Harry Potter fan I adore your gecko’s chosen name (and Lumos is so cute!) Aria is beautiful – do you catch the crickets for her or do you have a place which you can purchase them for her? Your African snails are incredible – I wish we could have a few, but they are not available where I live. This was such a fun read!!! Thanks ever so much for this zootastic post!

    1. Thank you so much for reading my post. Yeah she definitely knows I am not a cat person haha! Yeah huge lord of the rings fan haha no thankfully we have a local shop that provides the crickets and hoppers for us as we donโ€™t really get them in Scotland. Iโ€™m a total geek ๐Ÿค“ so glad you enjoyed my post xo

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