Thursday thoughts….

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Hello lovelies, welcome back to my page. I wish you a very Happy Thursday! Here is a reflection of a few thoughts of mine this week-

A thought: 

Do not compromise yourself, your values, or your beliefs for anyone or anything. Stay true to what you believe in, stand your ground when you’re treated unfairly, stand in your truth when you’re faced with challenges. I constantly prise myself on treating people fairly, on equality, and on fairness. If you don’t do this, check your values. You might find something crucial you’re missing in your character..

A piece of advice: 

When you feel even a hint of negativity in any type of organization, group, community of relationship of any kind you are a part of, GET OUT! Do not waste your time waiting for your gut to prove you right. Life is way too short to be putting up with anything of that nature. Remind yourself daily you are worth more than that.

A quote: 

“Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a huge difference in your life” Yoko Ono

A song I love right now: 

The xx – Angels

Something I learned today: 

I was lucky enough to be shown how to make and old Scottish recipe for clootie dumpling (cake) I always love learning new things from our older generations in my family and carrying on the traditions with my daughters. I think not a lot of people have time for the older generations and frankly I think that’s crazy I love to hear all about the life they have lived and how they used to live when they were my age, even old stories about the way they were brought up and seeing just how much the times have changed.

What’s your thoughts on this week? Let me hear them!

Kimberly xo

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