D.I.Y….Up-cycling your old Monopoly board games.

Growing up I loved to play board games with my family. My favourite was Monopoly. Did you know that the game is named after the economic concept of monopoly—the domination of a market by a single entity? Yep, it’s not just a fun board game, it actually reinforces the idea that wealth creation is a good thing.

You may not believe in the ideas behind Monopoly but I’m hoping my children didn’t mind playing it when they were at the caravan or on family game nights I think monopoly is a useful way to learn about money and definitely a great way to introduce concepts of saving, paying rent and buying properties, even if the prices are a little unrealistic. Unfortunately a lot of our monopoly pieces, money, cards have gone missing over the years and I wasn’t too keen on just throwing them out so I went searching the good old web for DIY ideas we could do and have found a few ways to up-cycle our old monopoly games.

Monopoly sets usually contain the following items:

  • paper bank notes in £1, £5, £10, £20, £50, £100 and £500 denominations
  • a game board
  • 8 metal game counters (wheelbarrow, battleship, race car, thimble, boot, Scottie dog, top hat, iron)
  • 32 green plastic houses and 12 red plastic hotels
  • 32 Chance and Community Chest cards (16 Chance and 16 Community Chest)
  • deed cards for 22 streets (divided into 8 colour groups), 4 train stations and 2 utilities companies

There are so many things you can do with a Monopoly game but here are some of my favourites:

  • My children always used to take the paper money to play with in their kitchen, they like to take my food order and give me some notes to pay them with.
  • Make paper bunting to decorate your Childs room with the money.
  • Make paper rosettes.
  • Make Paper bracelets.
  • Make a paper money lampshade.
  • The game board can be upcycled into a game board clock.
  • How about creating a journal from a game board.
  • I’ve seen some great jewellery using Monopoly game pieces to make a charm bracelet or earrings from the houses.
  • Make a clock out of the board.


Theses are just a few ways I found of up-cycling your old Monopoly board games you could actually do this with a lot of old board games that are laying around or in the attic. A fun way to get the kids involved in some fun DIY activities.

have you up-cycled any of your old toys?

Kimberly xo





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