Tips and tricks for surviving when your children are sick!!

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Hello lovelies, welcome back to my page. As I sit here and write this blog my daughters currently cuddling up on the sofa with pillows and blankets fighting a cold. It gave me the idea for a blog post on tips and tricks I use when my daughters are sick being a single mother it’s hard going so I have came up with 20 ways to help a parent get through those days when your children are sick and you’re really stressed out and struggling to get by.

Try to be selfless and sympathetic

1. If I’m being truly honest I have a hard time being sympathetic, so I have to constantly remind myself to not think, “Just suck it up.” I’m also not a touchy-freely person, so I have to pray for selflessness when they are clingy and whiny and I cuddle them in as much as they want.

Take it easy

2. I find I have to change my attitude. I usually try to keep myself busy during the day but when my daughters are sick they always want me to sit with them and watch a movie or two so that’s exactly what we do cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. You’re allowed to relax too mama this parenting lark is hard work.

Stay in bed

3. No doubt like my family your family will all get sick at one time well Last time we all had a nasty cold together we ‘marooned’ ourselves in my bed with piles snacks, toys, and a few DVDs. When we were feeling a bit better, we moved the snuggle group to our living room.


4. My biggest challenge with sick kids is getting them to take their medicine. Out of desperation I came up with a solution that worked perfectly for us. I couldn’t get the kids to drink the medicine from the dropper or the little cup that came with the bottle but if I poured it into a water bottle or fruit shoot bottle with a little juice they down it in seconds without even knowing. It’s a miracle for those kids that point blank refuse but desperately need it!

Have a giggle

5. We all sit on the sofa surrounded by pillow piles, a stack of disney DVDs, a bowl of popcorn followed by a lot of giggles I find that laughter can truly be the best medicine! It perks them up when they’re really feeling unwell.

Let them play

6. If you’re child wants to get up off the couch and is willing to play with toys let them do it! Bring toys to the living room and keep it cool let them play away until they’re tired out. It keeps them occupied and you sane.

Build a fort

7. Build a fort out of blankets, pillows and string lights maybe even take a laptop or portable DVD player inside let them snuggle up and relax while having fun they’ll love it!

Keep them close

8. Always bring them and their blankets and pillows to the room you’re in or around especially if they’re being sick for safety reasons it’s better to have them close than in their own bedroom.


9. Understand Their Limitations When my daughters are properly ill (ie. with a temperature) they don’t want to be kept busy. In fact they just want to flop on the sofa and watch TV all day, and that is fine. When it’s just a cold we try and carry on as normal (obviously minus school and outside play).

Hang out

10. My girls know that if they are sick they grab their pillow and head for the couch (during the day). They hang out their with their books and toys and get the rest they need, where I can see them. Taking the time to share a quick cuddle is as healing as any medicine.


11. We have lots of baths with plenty of toys (may be an hour long depending on the sickness). It can help steam the cold and ease they’re tired little body’s.

Have their own spot

12. When my kids are in that ‘I’m sick and want to lay around all day’ mode, I let them ‘build a nest’ on the living room floor with blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals. They think it’s cool and it lets you keep an eye on them.

Cold drinks

13. Get them to drink a little frozen water or diluted juice it brings their temperature down and this is great for sore throats as well.


14. My daughters usually like to watch movies but they still play during the day while they’re on. They have their go to favourite movies when they’re sick beetle juice is one.


15. Get lots of their favourite books together and let them lay on the couch and read it’s a good way of keeping them occupied and you can even sit with them and read their favourite books to them.


16. I still try and get them outside but often I’ll only take them round the block not too far and go at their pace the fresh air is great for them it always makes my daughters feel a little better.


17. There’s Always Chicken Noodle Soup We call it our “no well” soup (Scottish slang) it’s always there and they eat when they want and normally I have baked bread but more often than not it’s just the soup they want.


18. We’re Scottish we love tea and my daughters always ask for a warm cup of tea when they’re sick my grandmother swore by a cup of hot tea with sugar in to make you feel better and it really does just that.

Ice lollies

19. Ice lollies are our go to whenever we are sick they cool them down while hydrating them and eases a sore throat.

Wash hands

20. Do not Forget The Handwashing I feel like a parrot repeatedly saying “Wash your hands! Wash your hands! Wash your hands! But it stops the bugs in its tracks.

These are just some of the things we do in our house when my daughters are sick. I hope that some of these tips may help another struggling parent out somewhere.

What do you do when your children are sick?

Kimberly xo

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9 thoughts on “Tips and tricks for surviving when your children are sick!!

  1. Great times and reminders. I hate it when everyone is sick. But when they are we do a lot of the things you listed. Snuggle time is high priority and so is just asking it easy. I hope you guys all feel better soon!!

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