Clean-ology a new natural cleaner, Eco friendly, non toxic product review!!

Hello lovlies, welcome back to my page. This week cleaning products have been in the news, so I felt it was the right time to write this post. There have been numerous stories saying ‘impact of cleaning products as damaging on lungs as a 20 a day cigarette habit’ or that ‘cleaning products are linked to decreased lung function‘.

All I think is WHY??? why does it always take the mainstream media forever to report on things like this? Surely we need to know what we should and shouldn’t be spraying around our house, children, pets?? Some people who are very cautious have known about the damage that cleaning products cause on our lungs for over 20 years, I have no clue why all of a sudden this is news to our media but i’m very glad that they are deciding to share the news!!

I thought I would share one of my new favourite non-toxic cruelty-free cleaning products with you all and tell you a little about them….



Clean-ology is by far my favourite. Clean-ology can be bought from Lidl and costs just under £2.00 each, making it the cheapest of all the natural, non-toxic, eco friendly cleaning products. It is also bleach-free Ammonia free and anti bacterial.

Clean-ology is scented with essential oils and the whole range is non-toxic; the cleaning power is about the same as any other anti bacterial cleaner I have used. The shower cleaner is really good and I was impressed with the results from that and the smell is fantastic too!

The Clean-ology range offers a selection of non toxic cleaners, designed to help you clean and care for your home. Our beautifully scented non toxic cleaners are naturally fragranced using essential oils and are produced using eco friendly ingredients, resulting in an effective household cleaner, that offers delightful scents for you to enjoy.

Effective Yet Gentle

Our Clean-ology non toxic cleaners feature a collection of high performing, yet gentle household cleaning products, which contain natural, phosphate free ingredients, ideal for those who are looking for an eco friendly cleaner for the home. Essential oils can be found within our range of Clean-ology non toxic cleaners, which allow you to clean and care for your surfaces, whilst adding a delightful fragrance to your home.

Natural Household Cleaning

Whether you are searching for an eco friendly bathroom cleaner or a natural kitchen cleaner, the Clean-ology non toxic cleaners range is where you will find the perfect, non abrasive cleaner for any room in your home. Choose from our collection of bathroom, kitchen, glass and antibacterial cleaning products from Clean-ology, for effective, natural cleaning solutions for your household.

shower & granite cleaner


The Clean-ology Black Pepper & Juniper Shower & Granite cleaner is a dual-purpose, high performing cleaner with a warming fragrance that leaves a streak free finish whilst cutting through limescale and grease. The Clean-ology non toxic shower cleaner has been created using essential oils and natural ingredients and is safe to use across most surfaces including natural stone such as granite and pure enough to use around children and pets with peace of mind.

For the Clean-ology Black Pepper & Juniper Shower & Granite cleaner, the choice of fragrances were carefully selected. Black pepper helps to add a warm aroma with a hint of spice and also has a number of antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Juniper is often said to boost energy, reduce anxiety and improve cognitive performance. The scent of juniper is peppery and pine-like and is a favoured fragrance by many. When combined, these scents create a wonderful fragrance that offers gentle yet effective cleaning properties.

Multipurpose cleaner


The Clean-ology Rose & Wild Mint scented Cleaner is a non abrasive and effective cleaner that allows you to eradicate grease, kill germs and is suitable for all surfaces throughout the home. As with all Clean-ology products this multi-purpose cleaner is created using essential oils and is safe to use across a number of surfaces. The natural ingredients found in the Clean-ology Rose and Wild Mint scented cleaner makes it pure enough to use around children and pets with peace of mind.

The fragrances in the Clean-ology Rose and Wild Mint scented cleaner were carefully selected because of their beneficial properties. Rose is commonly acknowledged for its uplifting and antiseptic properties and its aroma is known as the happy scent. Mint on the other hand is known to benefit the respiratory system alongside having antifungal properties too. The Clean-ology Rose and Wild Mint scented cleaner is ideal for those who are looking for a quality all round cleaner that also offers a delightful, beautiful fragrance.

My thoughts 

I have been using theses products for a few weeks now and absolutely love them from the asthetic of the packaging to the smell of the essential oils flowing through my house and im so very I don’t have to worry about them being harmful to my family or pets. I highly recommend you try them.

I would give clean-ology a 4.5* – 5*

Kimberly xo


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