The mishaps of our family trip you didn’t quite see in my last blog post….what people don’t share!!

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Well hello there lovelies, welcome back to my page. As you may have read in my last blog post about our amazing trip to Thirlistane castle campsite you may have seen just how picturesque and amazing our trip was what you didn’t see was the behind the scenes the parts of daily life no one really wants to share well lovelies I am an open book and I love sharing the funny stories and mishaps that happened along the way haha.

Well lets start at the beginning shall we? Because this was the first trip of the season (year) we had to take the trailer on the back of our car this wasn’t fun at all haha between my mother having to stop half way there to wee resulting in us having to take a turn in to a dead end road we couldn’t turn on so had to take the trailer off turn the car and reattach the trailer baring in mind it weighed a ton! And then the flooring (solid wood) of the awning falling off half way down the motorway it was a complete disaster! we had to quickly stop reattach the moon and tie it down even more with rope…..nightmare!! still we carried on regardlessknowing it would be with all the hassle in the end.

We finally got there and set everything up by this time we were all knackered and wanted an early night as you do. As it is a touring caravan my mother and father sleep in one of the fold down beds and Bothe myself and my daughters sleep in the other that easily fits three people and our whippet, we were all settling down for the night and my daughters requested a nice cup of warm tea ( we’re Scottish haha!) so my mum made them one we all got into bed and fell asleep quite quickly. Well…..half way through the night in the early hours of the morning my youngest daughter who loves nothing more than to talk, squiggle around and throw her arms in the air knocked her then cold cup of tea off the table behind her and all over the top of my eldest daughter who I can tell you wasn’t best pleased to be woken up with a cold cup of tea over her head haha! it wasn’t funny at the time having to change bedsheets and pjs but looking back the next day we were in stitches hahaha!

The shower blocks on the campsite are amazing so beautiful and very clean believe me we had some bad ones on our travels. both myself and my mother decided to go for a shower which was all fine and dandy until we got there and realised we couldn’t just pass the shower gel and shampoo to each other nope instead we had showers on the opposite side of the room whin led us to basically playing bowls sliding the shower gel across the floor with the other trying to catch it with shampoo in our eyes all we could do was laugh hysterically throughout  the whole ordeal haha!

As you can see from the few little mishaps I’ve shared our trip wasn’t so picturesque although the place we were staying was beautiful we are just a normal down to earth family who doesn’t always get everything perfect, yes we have amazing adventures but funny mishaps all along the way which are memories that last a lifetime which is the most important part in my eyes.

Kimberly xo


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10 thoughts on “The mishaps of our family trip you didn’t quite see in my last blog post….what people don’t share!!

  1. It’s always nice to have a peek behind the scenes! Those mishaps sometimes do end up being the best part of the trip 🙂

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