Just because i’m a mummy doesn’t mean I can’t care about how I look!!

There seems to be a stigma floating around that moms who look put together aren’t real and don’t look “the part.” I’m not sure who defined what a mother is supposed to look like, but to me, she looks however the hell she wants to look.

The way I dress and how much time I spend on my hair and make up is part of my identity; it’s something I was not willing to give up when I became a mother.



It’s hard to see women put into categories based on our appearance. Some moms rock the leggings every day and don’t give a shit about make up or hair—and they own it. It doesn’t make them less-than any other mothers. Other moms feel better when they slip on their favorite jeans and heels. It doesn’t make them less-than, either, and it certainly doesn’t mean they don’t look like a “real mom.”

I am a clothes hoarder. I was born this way, it is who I am, I definitely take after my mother in that way. we both are addicts when it comes to shopping.


Some think I shouldn’t wear heels, makeup or fancy clothes

because I’m now a mother.


Of course there are days when I simply cannot be bothered to put on any makeup, and all I want is to put on my sweats and T-shirt because I have nothing in me. And that ladies it totally ok.

There are also days when I think, I am just staying at home with my children I don’t have any big plans, so whats the point in getting dressed? This we call a pj day in our house, and this is totally ok too believe me some days I look like I’ve been dragged through a bush.



To all the critics, know this:

Just because I became a mother it doesn’t mean I have to say goodbye to this part of myself. I can be a mummy and be a single woman with self love who wants to wear a little makeup or a fancy dress because I want to!! it makes me feel good.

Just because I became a mother it doesn’t mean I suddenly stopped loving makeup, clothes, jewelry and shoes lots of shoes.

Just because I became a mother it doesn’t mean I stopped wearing fancy dresses or rompers.

Just because I became a mother it doesn’t mean my passions should come last, as long as my children are clean, healthy and happy then so should I be!.

And especially because I am a mother, I have learned what makes me still me. So I take a few minutes in the midst of hectic mornings to curl my hair or I give myself a little me-time online shopping for new heels every month or so.

why? because I am not just a mother!! I am a strong independent woman too!!.

 I have been occasionally known to run to the shop in my pajamas? I simply throw on a jacket, so I am the only one aware of the braless party happening under my very comfortable, worn T-shirt. But most of the time I feel better, I am better when I like the way I look. And yes, I like the way I look in my Pjs, I just like my favorite jeans and sweater better.

Come on everyone! Every woman has their own style, even if they don’t think they do. And that signature style is what makes them feel good, beautiful, happy, comfortable, badass, and more importantly, most like themselves. The way that looks to anyone else does not matter!! who cares mama you rock what you love!!

I agree it will take more effort, more time, but that is the thing about being a woman—if we want to do something that makes us feel like us  (no matter what that is) we absolutely should!. We are all worth it!!. It bloody doesn’t mean we are not real, we are vain, or we don’t look the part if we feel good then f**K what people think.


Every mother I see looks the part!. Every mother I see is doing her best regardless of what she is wearing it could be a bin liner or cardboard box, and honestly it doesn’t get any more real than that.





2 thoughts on “Just because i’m a mummy doesn’t mean I can’t care about how I look!!

  1. I so agree! Just because we become a mom doesn’t mean we aren’t also just us. Motherhood doesn’t come with a uniform. I wear dresses and skirts every single day and I know I get some strange looks. But it’s who I am! Moms don’t stop being people, so why does everyone seem to expect us to look a certain way?

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