Barry M Illuminating highlighter palette…my thoughts.

Barry M have debuted a whole load of newness recently which is amazing right?! including the Barry M Lip Kits, blog post coming soon. Also their liquid chrome highlighter drops which i reviews in the previous post. Although today I wanted to share the spotlight on their new palette , the Illuminating Highlighter Palette, so here’s my thoughts on this product…


This palette retails for £6.49 and is available from Superdrug, Boots and also Tesco. Inside the palette you will find three highlighting shades which include a frost white, which i think is the most pigmented, an iced pink which is very subtle, and a bronze/gold, which is perfect if you have darker or tan skin tone.


I’m not normally fond of cardboard casing as these are easily damaged if you have them in your handbag daily or in a makeup bag, this palette does come in the cutest black and rose gold packaging with tips and tricks of how to use on the back which is great, plus you also get a mirror and three decent sized pans too not too big but not too small either they seem just right.


All of the shades are very soft to the touch and creamy, they are very buildable and give you the most stunning ethereal glow or subtle glow whatever you prefer which is fantastic.

frost white, icedpink, bronze/gold

I love mixing the white and pink shade together and applying them to the tops of my cheeks and Cupid’s bow but I also think the bronze/gold highlighter would look stunning across the decollate if you have a tan and if you have a darker skin tone.


This lasted for around 12 hours with the exception of the last few hours, where it did start to fade back only very slightly. If you want to get this best from these highlighters longevity wise, I do recommend building up the glow to ensure maximum glow time and touch ups during the day but we already do that anyway right ladies?!.

Overall thoughts

I absolutely LOVED these highlighters as not only where they very budget friendly, but they went on beautifully to give you that beautiful popping glow we all want and love! Longevity wise they do last pretty well throughout the day, but as I mentioned above I would build up the colours or mixing them together if you want them to be more intense and touching them up as the day goes on for them to last longer. I also love the fact they are so versatile and can be used for all skin tones a lot of highlighters these days only cater for a few.

So in conclusion, whether you’re a highlighting newbie like me or an absolute strobing addict, this palette is totally worth getting if not just for the fact they are so budget friendly alone it will be a great addition to your collection.

Kimberly xo


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