Our camping trip, Thirlistane castle campsite…

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Now that it’s warming up in Scotland we are starting our adventures camping with our little touring caravan. this year we decided to use Thirlistane castle campsite near the Scottish Borders as our base and we’ll go from there. I’m starting to think about all our adventures for the summer and warmer weather (fingers crossed it is Scotland after all haha!).


I’d like to think we are a pretty active family and one of my goals is to expose my daughters to as many different experiences as i can while they’re young and want to get involved. We LOVE to travel anywhere and everywhere we can visiting new towns and cities all over. I know, people think we’re crazy to travel with a small caravan but it truly is amazing,  traveling and new experiences is one of the parenting tools I like to use to teach them all sorts of things and let them experience new cultures, learn about the history of the places we visit and we (usually) think it’s fun. every day is a new day and every day is an adventure.

Of course one of the things we particularly enjoy the most is camping. Now I’ll admit, camping with kids is a LOT harder than camping without them, but there’s something about being outdoors in a quiet campsite spending time as a family that is important to me. And can be SO much fun. I camped quite a LOT growing up in our family I’ve been all over to visiting so many different places and sites and have so many amazing memories, photographs and stories to remember. Once i started having kids, i just brought them along with us its great when family and extended family all go on a trop together I think it brings you closer together yes of course we have the occasional argument but thats what families do.

The campsite is based on the outskirts of the castle grounds and close to a little town called Lauder and what a place it is so peaceful and quiet you are surrounded on all sides by open countryside, paddocks with horses and other farm animals this horse in particular had us laughing so heard she kept neighing to the horses I the other paddock over and over and stamping her feet to get their attention because they were ignoring her haha! isn’t she just beautiful.


There are so many acres of woodland where you can go exploring and have adventures in fact we walked around three miles through the woods and forrest walking by the river meeting the bunnies, spotting other wildlife and most of all looking for the Gruffalos unfortunately we didn’t find any lol but we did have an amazing adventure.


The campsite itself doesn’t have many things on not a clubhouse or shop because its not designed to be that way its designed to be beautiful, peaceful and relaxing which it totally is. there is however an awesome adventure playground with sand pit which my daughters took fill advantage of every day! It even has a wooden fort every this is rustic it suits the campsite perfectly.


While staying here we also visited the castle itself which is currently closed for the season (opening soon) so we just had an adventure walking around the grounds admiring the architecture learning about the history but most of all having fun.

Here are some of the photographs of our adventure at Thirlistane castle.



Over all we had the most amazingly relaxing weekend with lots of fun adventures, good food, lots of laughter, shopping sprees in the local town but most of all we made memories that will last a lifetime and thats what matters most of all. I would highly recommend you visit this place you won’t be disappointed at all.

Kimberly xo







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2 thoughts on “Our camping trip, Thirlistane castle campsite…

  1. I love your attitude and could not agree more! We love camping too and we have hopes to one day have a little caravan as well. We camp in our 4 person tent (being only 3 it is quite roomy). I really enjoyed reading about your camping weekend and looking through all those lovely photos! I look forward to more camping and travelling adventures from you 🙂

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