When my Demon comes to play…

The pressure’s building up
I feel like balloon ready to pop.

oh no!

I know what’s about to happen
And I need to escape from here.

But where, where can I go, I don’t know.
But I know I need to run, runaway from here.

maybe I need to go to the docters.
I surely will be fine there.

won’t I?

They will know what to do to help,
But can I make it in time?

Oh no, it’s too late.
My balloon has popped.

I can’t seem to move, for
The dreaded anxiety has grown.

Now I’ve passed out, and
My rational thinking has gone.

I can’t cope please make it stop!
My strength is again being pushed to the edge.

All the techniques I’ve memorised over and over
Have completely gone out my mind.
All the things I have prepared myself for
I currently cannot find.

” just breathe!”
Oh, yes, the mantra of those “helpful” people.
Well, here’s a newsflash for you-
Being told that helps NO-ONE!

My lungs are working so hard,
And my heart is beating fast.
And every single breath I take
I fear is this my last?.

My mind is leaving my body
And it’s spiralling out of control.
I can no longer feel anything
someone Please help me; I’m so scared.

WAIT! Now I’m back to my body
And I can feel everything again.
It’s too much now please make it stop!
Why can’t anybody help me?

but hold on……Luckily I calm down
Before this demon gets her way.

She is now returning to her cave
But I always  know she’ll soon come back some other day.




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