Pocket money…is it too little? Am I doing it wrong?

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As I sit here scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I see teenagers roughly the same age as my daughter (thirteen) and I see how much makeup and expensive clothes they have, top grade mobile phones, IPads, trainers/sneakers and I wonder what kind of pocket money do they have?

How much is too little??

For me personally I bought my girls the Osper MasterCard to teach them the value of money and for them to be able to save, spend as they see fit. My younger daughter doesn’t really bother with hers with only being nine but my teenage daughter loves hers she goes to school with it and I put five pounds lunch money on each day so she can visit subway or Greggs whatever she likes to get.

She thinks it’s fantastic to have this card with her name on it and enjoys using it. I think I pay around three pounds a month for them both to have these bank accounts which I don’t mind as it’s a way of learning for later on in life. I also pay her Mobile phone bill (I never had this) she has an iPhone and it’s a monthly contract supposed to be for emergencies but she’s never off the thing social media is a teens world these days and I really don’t mind that either she’s growing up and looks after it.

For getting their pocket money they do a few chores around the house like putting the dishes away after dinner and keeping their bedroom (sort) of tidy and they do help with the washing sometimes and other little odd jobs I ask them to do.

Pocket money….

So to the pocket money, I set a direct deposit up on their card from mine each week they receive ten pounds each and they can choose to spend it or save it, it’s entirely up to them what they want to do with it. I buy them everything they need designer trainers, new clothes, Xbox games, the usual stuff ‘mummy’s’ are supposed to do I don’t ask them to use their money for that kind of thing.

I’m a student at university doing my English literature degree and I don’t have a huge amount of money coming in each week to be honest I have what I need a roof over our head electricity, gas, broadband and also mobile phones by the time I pay all my bills there’s very little left anyway I’m just wondering if I’m giving them too much pocket money? or too little? This mum job is hard work!

I don’t want them to get left out or picked on for not being able to go and spend lots of money shopping with friends or to the cinema (I usually pay for all this on the odd occasion) and I try my hardest to give them the best life but it’s bothering me I’d like some feedback on what other parents do and give their children am I doing it right?

I’d love to hear what other parents think on my situation and what they do with their own children. Just as a reference to see what the going rate of pocket money is these days?

From a curious mother of girls.

Kimberly xo

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