Please don’t beat yourself up mama!!

Since becoming a Mum at 18 (yip a teen mama) I found that there is a lot of pressures put on us everyday as parents. Whether it be in the media or social media where we see a stunning women with a perfectly behaved and stylish baby with the best of high fashion clothing on and got their lives totally in order. Or from the government where one day they say we MUST potty train at this age or send to school this way. The most amount of pressure I find though often comes from within from yourself trying to mimic what you see and think the perfect mother is….The pressure to be perfect. (there is NO perfect parent) The pressure to be bright eyed and bushy tailed, up dressed makeup on and happy at all times on just one hours sleep(I usually mimic a character from the walking dead). Having crafts, activities coming out of our arse, at the same whipping up an amazing birthday cake with unicorns and sparkles and all things glittery, whilst another tiny baby is wrapped round us in a baby carrier and we are being all lovey with your partner (not me) like you see in the movies.


I found that we tend to beat ourselves up constantly every single day without even thinking. Come on we spend half of our time knackered, frazzled t-shirt on backwards because one of the kids needed you for an emergency (finger stuck in a bike horn, yip it happened) and the other half? Worrying about absolutely EVERYTHING. being a mother is ‘supposed’ to be this amazing and rewarding job but if we are panicking that we are doing it wrong 100% of the time, Well that ain’t no bluddy way to spend our time is it?. So this needs to stop if your child is clean, fed and healthy then really the rest can bug off!!  I really feel and I mean REALLY feel that we need to lay off ourselves, give yourself a break mama you’re doing the best you can and that means more than trying to be ‘perfect’ all the time.

when you finally get your children into bed forget about the ironing, clothes needing put away, toys needing picked up it can wait for an hour or even till the next day! Pop those tired feet up in your cosy dressing gown with a cuppa and watch an episode of your fav tv show YOU deserve it!!

Stop beating yourself up!!! you might not be perfect, but to your child you are in every way and thats what matters most.

From one frazzled mother to another. you are awesome mama!! own that s**t!!

Kimberly xo



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