Spring cleaning my top ten tips to declutter your home!!

It’s spring the flowers are blooming, haha yeah ok I like in Scotland more like they’re hiding underground for now…..sun is shining… nope it’s actually just been snowing the other day…huge sigh ugh!! But it’s that time of year again to do some spring cleaning.

Ok ok i might be alone there, but the thought of going through my whole house and getting rid of that unwanted unnecessary clutter that lays around on worktops and kitchen tables or sits on the stairs because your teenager won’t take anything to her bedroom god forbid that idea jeez come on now that’s like running a marathon!

Spring does provide us with the ideal opportunities to have a rummage through all that old stuff I like to call “tat” and see what your life consisted of for the past year – from home “tat” to technology sometimes even relationships. Can you recycle your partner 🤔 haha! and reset getting ready for the year ahead filling your house and life with yet more unnecessary ‘tat’ It’s the perfect time to declutter all the crap in your life and instead try to go on with the year ahead thinking “ok this year I’m not going to buy useless ‘tat’ I’m going to be good and keep my home clutter free!! Hmmm……if only it worked that way!!

So this year I am DETERMINED to keep ‘tat’ out of my house! Give it a good old spring clean and start new no more clutter in this household!! I have a few tips and tricks I’ve learned from a lot of different people over the years (not that I’ve managed to stick to them) that I try my hardest to stick to and it really does help if you do it!!

Top ten tips for spring cleaning!

1. Declutter your home.

There’s one simple and easy rule you can use to declutter you home. It goes like this….If you haven’t used something in the past six months then you should either bin it, donate it to a charity shop or ask family and friends if they need it Facebook is great for popping up a pic ask if anyone needs it as my gran used to say “one mans rubbish is another mans treasure”. The only exception to this rule is things like Xmas decorations and other holiday items and winter clothing.

2. Keep just the essentials.

Keep a small storage basket next to your bed with a book, some moisturizer or other favourite night/day creams, your knitting or other things you like to do in bed before you go to sleep. Then keep your clock, a lamp and a box of tissues on your nightstand. That’s it. No clutter no mess you’ll be able to find things quickly and it will make your life that little bit easier, let’s face it we all need that in our lives.

4. Know your hot spots.

Come on we all do it come home from work chuck keys on the worktop jacket on the door etc news papers, odd toys the kids have left laying around and other things that usually pile up on the dining room table or the worktops, on the hall stairs. Get storage boxes from Poundland have one on the worktop for keys, phones purses or wallets etc it keeps everything in one place and you always know where they are. Get a recycling bag system for paper stick it next to the bin once it’s been used pop in the bag and once full pop out for recycling because “One piece of paper multiplies like rabbits” and pop a basket on the stairs if the kids leave anything laying around pop it in the basket and next time someone goes upstairs take it with them and empty it.

5. Get a cleaning caddy.

I bought a basket out a charity shop and gather together everything you need for cleaning each room so you can carry them from room to room rather than having to keep returning to the kitchen.

Things you may need:

– Rubber gloves

– Kitchen towels

– Duster/e-cloth

– Polish

– Cream cleaner

– Multi-purpose anti-bacterial spray

– Bleach

– Washing-up liquid

– Window cleaner

– Old toothbrush

6. Go from top to bottom.

As dust likes to lay down Dust light fittings and bulbs using a microfibre or lint-free cloth first this way the dust you’re cleaning off won’t land on your newly dusted surfaces. Wipe over painted walls and woodwork with a damp cloth. Use very, very diluted washing-up liquid to remove stubborn marks – always make sure to check on a small hidden patch first to ensure the surface doesn’t get damaged. P.S To clean grimy bulbs, lightly dampen your cloth with vinegar. Caution: please be sure bulbs are cool to the touch and your hands are dry don’t want anyone getting electrocuted now.

7. Move furniture out the way.

Move furniture like beds, sofas and wardrobes and then give the area a good hoover before putting them back. Wait a few minutes for the dust to settle and then go ahead and polish furniture and check whether any repairs are needed, such as sticking drawers or ring marks.

8. Windows and doors.

Give your windows and if you have them patio doors a thorough clean, but always make sure it’s a cloudy day. If it’s too sunny the cleaning solution will dry too fast and you’ll have streaks then you need to start all over again. Use a squeegee or vinegar with crushed up newspaper. “Grandma taught me that one”.

9. Kitchen and bathrooms.

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is probably cleaned most often well it is in my house having two messy girls but always take the time to remove any clutter and then go through cabinets empty them out check dates throw away what isn’t needed clean out cupboards with antibacterial spray dry and pop the things neatly back in an organised way which in turn makes it easier to find something when you’re cooking. Also wash thoroughly or replace old worn bath mats and shower curtains.

10. Deep cleaning.

If you want to go to the extreme and deep clean carpets and large rugs. Vacuum thoroughly all over, especially around skirting boards and under furniture. Shampoo the carpets – you can hire machines (such as Rug Doctor) from DIY stores or online they’re fantastic and bring the carpets up like new and your house smells amazing afterwards.

These are my tried and tested top ten tips for decluttering and spring cleaning your house. I am on a mission this year to keep a checklist of what needs doing and give out small chores to my daughters too just so they understand WE need to keep the house clean and tidy and it will then be a more rewarding and relaxing place to live.

I hope some of these tips may help you out thank you for reading please like and follow our blog it would mean the world to us.

Kimberly xo


8 thoughts on “Spring cleaning my top ten tips to declutter your home!!

  1. Haha! You make it sound so easy – pretty much everything you listed here is on my “to-do” list – I even have the things going to charity already boxed up, just need to put them in car and haul them away already! I LOVE your term “tat” btw…will have to remember that one! 🙂

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  2. GREAT post! Super informative – love it. I’ve made my list for spring cleaning, but that’s as far as it’s gone. Here in Saskatchewan, we’re also still in winter mode. More snow in the forecast, too. Spring may NEVER come! I’m actually itching to get at the cleaning, just to get it over with (and get rid of more “stuff”).
    Thanks for sharing

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