My coke addiction…

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Where to begin? truthfully if I had any pride at all I would not be writing about my coke addiction the hurrendous withdrawls but as always i’m an open book kinda gal. there is nothing glam about being addicted to a fizzy drink now if it was cocaine then at least id have to be somewhat wealthy to keep the habit up not that I condone drugs of any sort just apparently is more glam seeing it advertised on music videos and celebrity gossip magazines, movies like pulp fiction etc but even so buying coke isn’t that cheap either I was buying two 2L bottles a day which was roughly five GBP add that up seven days a week and your talking about thirty-five GBP just on a fizzy drink I don’t even want to add that up monthly or even yearly. (hangs head in shame) to think what I could have done with that money.

Addiction of any kind is horrendous  and completely soul destroying but the fact is it happens every day all over the world. there are different classes of addiction too like cocaine is apparently upper class where as smoking weed seems to be totally hipster and chic, gulping down litres of fizzy black soft drink it totally bottom class along with sniffing glue or popping tons of pain killers it just doest look or feel good at all.

Well i’m admitting it now I had a serious coke addiction it started when I was in my teens the go to easy option to just grab out the fridge at the shop with friends at school or my mother buying it for the house and me taking the bottle to my bedroom to consume myself from then on I just kept going I never was one for drinking water, tea or coffee that just wasn’t me I hated anything except coke that all I drank each day every day since the age twelve until thirty one jeez i’m old (sigh) it is embarrassing to admit but i know a lot of you reading this right now can probably identify with me its not uncommon over half the population does it hence the high obesity rates these days i know the thought going without that black, sweet fizzy goodness is probably terrifying.

So why did i stop? well for the past couple of years i noticed my self gaining a ton of weight like i mean a ton a good few stone at least, i wasnt sleeping at night, having a lot of anxiety and heart palpatations to just name a few and so i got researching and boy was i shocked to see so many people having the same issues as me. i tried to stop a few times before but my body and brain just wouldnt let go it was hard i didnt know what to do i was stuk with this addiction that i hated! i didnt want to be this weight i didnt want to feel the way i was feeling i wanted to function as a normal well as normal as you can be human being WITHOUT coke controlling my life so a few weeks ago i started my detox this is how it went down…

Week 1:

When you drink coke it delivers you a two punch of sugar and caffine, both well known for being an absolute b***h to withdraw from so i warn you now be prepared for the headaches and im not only talking about a mild headache im talking about the extreme cant stand up or move even open your eyes sort of headaches that last a good three to four days i had to take my maximum allowed pain relief to get through it. other symptoms included neusea, feeling totally lethargic and a lot of mood swings and i mean bad mood swings. tip avoid people at all costs! for their sakes, despite feeling this way some parts of my day would be filled with euphoria that ive actually done this ive given up coke! to avoid dehydration i drank copious amounts of water and sugar fee diluting juice.

Week 2:

The headaches had mostly gone away but now the fatigue was absolutely crushing me all i wanted to do was lay in bed and not move i had no energy for anything even getting up to get washed and dressed was the last thing on my mind. Thinking about it though this made perfect sense because my body was used to getting that caffine kick and sugar boost to get me up and moving around the fuel my body had came to rely on was now gone and replaced with copious amounts water which left me physically and mentally drained by the end of week two the flu symptoms kicked in whole body aching, runny nose, every part of my skin even my hair hurt to touch and this is usually when id reach for my beloved coke to make me feel better instead of giving in i tried a few glasses of lemonade just for the sugary fix and the little fizz i needed it wasnt the same i desperately wanted to go buy a nice freezing can of coke and give it up! But i didnt i kept going woohoo!!

Week 3:

By week three i had litrally given up on everything i was in agony heart racing, anxious, panic attacks had set in i was in a living nighmare i was seriously rattling like a junkie coming of heroin it was crazy to think a fizzy soft drink could do this much damage to your body and mind. I struggled but i kept going i wasnt giving up after getting this far no way! so i upped my water intake even drank herbal tea anything i could think of to help me get through this stage.

Week 4:

Only a few days in and im pretty much recovered i still have the odd craving and my mind telling me i NEED coke but ive been strong and sticking to my guns this time im not going backwards. Changes ive noticed in myself im much happier, sleeping more at night  and not so anxious all the time, less bloating, energy slowly building up but i do need to eat regularly throughout the day to keep my body energised but all roud im feeling a lot better and super proud of what i have achieved.

At this point i can tell you i will NEVER be going back after the past few weeks ive had theres no way id put myself through that again it rully was horrific! I’m still vulnerable to the cans of coke at the cafe or the branding i see everywhere especially on tv and my mind is still trying to bargain with me on the odd ocassion that i could only have one can i can keep it at that but no way never again.


Kimberly xo

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