Daily struggle of living with a teenage daughter…and my top ten tips!

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As you held that beautiful baby girl in your arms in the hospital looking into those beautiful eyes holding close part of your heart that just made its way out of your body, kissing that sweet little angels head wishing that she lives a long, happy, healthy and fabulous life. How you are going to dress her in pink frills and bows and she’s going to be this sweet little angel, your best friend forever and everything is going to be sunshine and butterflies.


During all that advice everyone gives you when you’re pregnant with your daughter about breastfeeding and clothing which bottles to buy, the terrible twos and all things baby no one stops to tell you exactly how your life will change once that sweet little angel turns thirteen! You were one so was I a very defiant one at that never doing as I was asked always rebellious and pushing my parents to their limit on a daily basis listening to them say “just you wait you’ll have a daughter of your own and I hope she puts you through what you’ve put us through” and thinking yeah, ok that’s not going to happen!

Boy was I wrong that has definitely came to bite me in the ass big time! I love my daughter to the ends of the earth and would do absolutely anything for her to be happy and healthy in life but by god does she make it hard for me to like her all the time. Yeah I said it ” I love her but I don’t like her all the time” not that I show her that just quietly think it to myself.

My daughter is beautiful and smart she’s very polite and well mannered I am always getting compliments on how well she behaves around people and at school she does fantastic and works hard but my goodness as soon as that thirteenth birthday rolled around it was like my little angel moved out and this little clone of my teenage self moved in!

Between answering back, sarcastic comments, not doing anything she’s asked, totally ignoring my existence on a daily basis to living in a dump of a bedroom surrounded by her own mess (which I refuse to touch) then the whole not leaving the house without makeup and perfume and always making us late because one piece of hair isn’t sitting just right “huge sigh” it’s a bluddy nightmare then the boys ahh the dreaded boy drama bringing boyfriends to the house and introducing them as a ‘friend’ bring back my baby you don’t need boys yet they have cooties!!

That’s not all I’ve noticed quite a few differences NO one warns you about like body snatching yes I gave birth to this tiny human and gave her life and now she’s sprouting up taller than me and built like a green bean just like I used to be “again huge sigh”.

Then comes the stealing other things like expensive makeup, perfume, pads because she’s started her period the night before me and I’m left with none and having to rummage the house to find stuff so you can get to the shop to stealing your clothes and shoes your favourite books or nail polish remover the list is endless did I do this to my mother?

Where’s the manual on teenage years??

Top ten tips I have on how to get through the teenage years:

1. Don’t argue with them, it only stresses you out more than you already are and if you walk away let the situation calm down you can go back sit down talk in a nice Manner with no serious arguments.

2. Let the mess in their bedroom be just close the door and let them stay in it they’ll soon get fed up of looking for things and eventually tidy up themselves.

3. Buy them their own makeup, if they’re constantly stealing your expensive makeup products take them to the local pound shop and let them go wild it won’t cost a fortune and they’ll feel fantastic having their own stuff.

4. If you’re like me and have a fussy eater let them cook their own dinner. It gives them independence and at the same time shows them how to grow into a responsible adult.

5. Buy double of everything if you know you’re out buying sanitary towels or deodorant etc buy two give them their own to keep in a basket or storage box they feel more grown up and not embarrassed to ask you to get them.

6. Give them a little bit of freedom let them go out with friends and go shopping etc make sure they have a phone in case of an emergency they love and respect the fact you can trust them and will open up more.

7. Give them chores and an incentive of pocket money at the end of the week maybe doing the dinner dishes or putting their own washing on it learns them basic skills for later on in life.

8. Don’t bombard them with questions or grill them every time they’ve been out with friends etc they’re more likely to come and tell you all about it in their own time.

9. Ask them what they would like to do together or for a family day out instead of taking them places where they’re going to be bored and grumpy even cause a scene or ruin the day.

10. Respect it works both ways if you show them respect they’re more likely to reciprocate it in return and you’ll have more of a stress less life. Believe me it works!

These are my tried and tested top ten tips…

The thing is I might moan and she might push my buttons REALLY bad sometimes but She always manages to astound me on a daily basis with just how smart she is how protective she is over her little sister (all while fighting like cat and dog) just how much empathy and love she has for the people in her life and our pets. She is so caring about every small little thing in our world it’s beautiful and the love she shows towards me is just so beautiful she might not show it all the time but every now and then she comes over to me cuddles in and says something like “love you” and quietly walking away like she’s too cool to show it but she wants to make sure I know that she does she truly is an amazing young lady and not just my daughter but my best friend!

So as much as I may moan and want to scream and shout even cry some days I am truly grateful to have her as my daughter and I want to tell you to cherish every second as you just never know one day they’re going to be too old for those Disney movie marathons and snuggles in bed in the morning. Those special little dress up days where you prance about the house dressed as princess and play mummy and daddy’s cherish it all because once they’re teenagers they don’t need you like that anymore and as heartbroken as I am that she doesn’t I’m still very blessed to see her growing into a beautiful human being.

Sorry for the ranting it’s been a tough teenage week haha

Kimberly xo

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14 thoughts on “Daily struggle of living with a teenage daughter…and my top ten tips!

  1. I love the tip about having them cook their own dinner! I’m going to have to remember these tips in 13 years!

    1. Oh she actually enjoys doing it (supervised) I even got her a teenage cookbook and she’s made myself and her sister dinner a few times too. Great skills for when she leaves home. Xo

  2. Our daughter isn’t quite yet a teenager, but she will be 12 soon and we have been given a glimpse into what teenage years with her are going to be like as she’s already starting to act like one. I’ll definitely be using your tips!

  3. So my daughter is only 5 but the attitude is REAL at this age so these tips are relavent and very useful! Keep up the amazing work, mama, and thanks for the tips!

  4. Had a few wee tears reading this my lovely ❤ youre all amazing, i love reading your blog. So proud of you huni xxxx

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