Ways to spend special time with your children…for free!!

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As a single parent with very little expenditure for days out or holidays all year round I find it incredibly hard to amuse my two daughters especially during school holidays and little breaks.

If you’re anything like me and live in a mad house always on the go you may just be constantly repeating the phrases or maybe even screaming at your child (in the nicest motherly tone) to “put the chocolate down you’ve had enough sweets” or “don’t touch the couch with those hands” maybe “stay out the toilet don’t play with that water” yes this did happen on one occasion ๐Ÿ™ˆor “don’t play with the shampoo it’s not bubbles” or something like “nooooo please do not mix milk, tomato sauce and teabags together to feed your caterpillar” yes also happened on more than one occasion.

So I’ve racked my brain and gone in search of some free interesting ideas families could get up to all the while keeping your sanity because let’s face it parents sometimes we just need a little bit of inspiration and help I know I definitely have.

So here it is a few ideas to keep yourself sane and your little ones very much amused…..

1 Have a reading marathon get out all your favourite books and read them to each other.

2 Write stories together my girls love getting their journals out and writing stories to read to me.

3 Play soccer yip that’s right get out in the garden and play with the kids you’ll be surprised how much fun it is.

4 Paint or draw together we love things like this even framing them for the house.

5 Create a fort in your living room out of blankets or cardboard boxes we do this and have a stakeout movie marathon.

6 Go on a hike get out of the house go walking around and get some fresh air.

7 Have a sunset picnic at a park or beach.

8 Play board games get up the attic and get those old fashioned board games out show them how we used to play.

9 Play kickball.

10 Get up early, pack breakfast, and have a sunrise breakfast.

11 Go to a museum yip they’ll love it most museums have a lot to do for kids nowadays and best of all it’s FREE!!

12 Go to a playground.

13 Play hide-and-seek get a little quiet time while playing.

14 Have a pillow fight yip get a good old pillow fight going it’s great fun and lots of laughter will definitely happen.

15 Ride bikes.

16 Build sandcastles.

17 Put on a dvd and make some popcorn get them to help they’ll love seeing it pop.

18 Tell stories, make up stories or tell your kids stories of your childhood they’ll love hearing what you used to get up to.

19 Have a scavenger hunt hide things all over the house and give them a list first to find everything wins an ice cream or sweet.

20 Make mazes or puzzles for each other to solve.

This is my ways of keeping my girls amused and it in all honesty works a treat and definitely doesn’t break the bank just have some good old fashioned fun and make some amazing memories while doing it!!

From one frazzled parent to another I hope this may give you some inspiration.

Kimberly xo

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