Friday night with no kids… doesn’t happen often!

Well what can I say…….it’s Friday night and I have no children my daughters are away for the weekend visiting their father and this frazzled mother gets to chill out and recharge her batteries for the week ahead.

I love my daughters more than life itself and would do absolutely anything for them to be happy but also I need to be me, I need to feel like a human being, a person, a woman in her own right not just ‘a mother’ a cleaner or a servant. I need to be Kimberly the woman the best person I can be so in turn I can be the best mother I can possibly be.

So tonight will be spent eating Chinese takeout without sharing yes all to myself woohoo, in my favourite pjs cosying up on the couch with a warm blanket (it’s cold in Scotland) with my best friend my whippet (lady) a glass of baileys in hand going through my notes for uni on Stalin and the Dali lama all while being in a little bubble of my own peace and quiet.

How do you spend your free time without your children?

Kimberly xo


6 thoughts on “Friday night with no kids… doesn’t happen often!

  1. I love this. I definitely agree you need that time to be YOU in order to be the best mama to your children! I used to feel guilty about it but I saw such a difference in myself when I have had a bit of me time. My personal favourite is just being able to do nothing!! It’s just nice to not needing to be any where or do anything!

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    1. Oh I most definitely agree it was fantastic just to put my feet up and relax knowing that I wasn’t wanted or needed by anyone and this morning I woke up bright and early feeling great. Have a wonderful day xo


  2. I love when I get those occasional nights with no kids! I had that sponteously tonight which was so nice! Went out to dinner with my bestie to hear a friend sing at a local bar! It was great to get out!

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