Friday feelings…are we doing a good job as parents?

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As I run around like a crazy person trying to get my daughters ready to visit their father for the weekend a question kept popping into my head…at I doing this right? Am I doing a good job as their mother? The answer is…..I have no idea!

What is a good parent? In my mind a good parent is someone who prioritises their children’s needs, cares for them, feeds them, bathes them, loves them unconditionally, gives them everything they want and need in life and fights every day to give them more than they could ever want or need.

Is that what I’m doing? I just don’t know…today I’m going to say no probably not as I run around picking up after my daughters, feeding them breakfast and lunch, trying to peel them away from their electronic devices all the while trying to convince them to “get in the shower please” while arguing with my teenager over what clothes she wants to pick for the weekend which just happens to be the clothes from the washing basket and so washing said clothes quickly just so she doesn’t feel uncool “ugh huge sigh” just to stay at her dads house because well my choice quite frankly “isn’t cool enough” is it bad to say in your head “I love you sweetheart but I really don’t like you right now” I mean when did this even become an issue did I miss this memo? Where did my sweet little daughter who loved pink and getting her hair curled go???

when did this become so hard just for two days that’s it all this trouble over clothes am I making a big deal over this issue? Do other parents go through the same thing? No one gives you a handbook on parenting as you leave the hospital with that tiny beautiful newborn in a car seat and says “good luck your going to need it” instead you leave with love in your heart and anticipation for the future and you just plod along thinking “you got this girl, you can do it” and as the years go on you constantly think to yourself “nope I most definitely do not have this”.

I know they’re happy and healthy and that’s all that matters in life but by god it’s bluddy hard work!

Please leave a comment….. let me know if you’re feeling the same thing or if you have any tips or tricks on how to get through this journey called parenthood.

From one very frazzled parent.

Kimberly xo

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