Family trips don’t need to cost a fortune…

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Well what can i say when it comes to family trips and holidays growing up we didn’t have the most expensive ones in fact I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been on an aeroplane to visit a hot sunny country with my family.

BUT we did have a wonderful time visiting caravan parks and camping all over the United Kingdom and those trips are the one s that we’re more enjoyable and memorable than fancy holidays abroad the uncontrollable laughter the type of laughter where you don’t know if you’re going to die with the pain in your tummy and tears streaming down your face to full blown crying to the point of peeing your self (yes did happen) and sharing the little things that turn into the big things the memories that will last a lifetime doing things as a family of four and sometimes more because there was always the extended family with us too aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins doing things that didn’t cost much if they even cost anything at all.

happy campers!!

Between days out, family barbecues, swimming, dog walking, adventures to the beach, visiting historic places even just down the burn (small stream) catching fish, shopping and the cinema we done it all and more and it really was truly amazing. I have so many memories of our family trips but some that stand out the most have to be In the touring caravans or tents.

I remember going to Berwick upon tweed while we were on a trip to Dunbar during summer break with my mother, father, younger brother and my parents friends a couple with their son I was roughly ten years old and we were walking through the main part of town shopping and having an adventure when out of the blue about twelve seagulls flew over head squawking so loudly and I swear they had all taken a bunch of laxatives because it was an explosion. My mother’s friend had been walking a little ahead and didn’t notice them as we all done a run jump and dive out the way boom she was hit!! A massive seagull poop explosion ALL over her it was in her hair down her back all over her clothes even managed to get in her handbag she was mortified screaming and all everyone could do was laugh and offer paper towels that did absolutely nothing but after a few minutes she was cry laughing too it was hilarious and that is one day that has stuck with all of us for a very long time.

Another funny memory i have is when I was around the age of eleven years old we were camping in Keven in Scotland and the campsite was on quite the steep hill it was a lovely day we all had a great time and settled down in our sleeping bags for the night…..well it started raining as is typical Scottish weather we didn’t mind one bit we all fell asleep and awoke in the early hours of the morning because all of us had slid down the tent and practically all on top of each other due to the rain under the tent it wasn’t funny at the time but looking back the next day all we could do was laugh we were all stuck together like a little pack of sausages in buns these memories will last a lifetime.

I could honestly write a novel with the situations and things that have happened to us on our tips away from weeing ourselves yeah it happened hahaha to meeting new friends and them turning into family to accidents that are hilarious that can’t be written truly things I’ll cherish forever and can’t thank my parents enough for giving us those memories.

Since having my own family and becoming a single parent I too have got them into the swing of camping and going to the caravan and they absolutely love it in fact my youngest daughter hardly goes outside to play at home but when we’re at the caravan I can never get her in and she’s always covered in mud from head to toe happy as Larry and it costs hardly anything a takeaway costs the same as the price of the weekend away from home spending time together and having fun.

My daughter fell having fun in the rain and mud still all smiles.

All I’m saying is that it’s not where you go and what you spend that makes you happy it’s the fact that you’re spending time together getting back to nature again and I don’t know if we’re just the most accidental family of all time but those are the days that will last forever on our minds.

Kimberly xo

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13 thoughts on “Family trips don’t need to cost a fortune…

      1. Oh fantastic where are you going? I was looking at the city breaks for Amsterdam it’s so beautiful 😍 we’re off to the Scottish Borders to thirlistane castle xx

      2. Yes it’s very beautiful here we don’t need to travel far from home just over an hour away so we’re very lucky to have it all on our doorstep. I’ve always wanted to go to London definitely on my bucket list xo

      3. I did Amsterdam when my older two were little. The science museum is fab, we were in there most of the day.

      4. Yeah I’ve read it’s amazing and Anne franks house among other things I’m studying English literature at university and it’s just been a dream of mine for years to visit x

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