Failure as a mother??

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Am I failing as a mother? That is my question this morning as I woke up. If you have read my back story on my blog most of you will now know that I suffer from bipolar disorder and anxiety with a side of agoraphobia which really puts a struggle on my daily life as a mother.

Some days I wish I could just wake up say to my girls “let’s go to the park” or “get ready we’ll go to the cinema today” unfortunately I can’t do that just yet and haven’t been able to do so on my own for what feels like forever.

Although I do take my girls places and small caravan holidays and try to give them everything they could possibly want in life they seem so happy and content with what they do have but some days like today I feel like they’re missing out on so much due to my mental health issues.

I know I can’t help it but boy does it make you feel so crappy and not a good mother especially when you see all these mothers who seem to have their whole life in order and doing fantastic I just think “I wish I could be like that” but I’m not going to dwell on this issue I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and fighting through everyday battles with my mind body and soul and hope one day just one day I’ll be one of those mothers that just jumps in the car and goes off on a day out with my girls.

Morning thoughts of a frazzled mother ❤️

Kimberly xo

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8 thoughts on “Failure as a mother??

  1. I feel a failure at times, I left my mentally abusive husband but hid the abuse from my kids to it was a major shock to them when we left, my daughter battled and eating disorder for 9 months and I missed it for too long. we all think we could do it better but no one is living in your reality only you, as longas you are doing the best you can at the time you aren’t failing. I hope my kids see that I have a job and that I try to give them a good life. you;re doing good .

  2. It takes a strong woman and mother to be as honest and open as you your girls will know that keep doing what your doing cos if your a failure as a mother from what I’ve seen on social media and these blogs then holy shit I should be damn ashamed of myself as a father which I am not love this btw go you

  3. Everyone is battling something take one step and day at a time an never compare yourself to anyone else we are all unique that’s what makes us involveds is it’s how you deal with life and what it throws at you . An you have not for one minute had it easy so your doing fab so fare xx

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