Easter celebrations…is it too commercialised??

My family celebrates Easter not in the traditional religious sense like going to church and learning about Jesus Christ but more the conventional way through the giving and receiving of chocolate eggs among other gifts and getting together for food just generally spending time together.  With my daughters we spend the morning decorating boiled eggs with paint and glitter each of us gets our own egg and we then take them to the local park to roll them down the hill.


Even when we go camping the easter celebrations still go on here is my daughters getting ready to decorate their boiled eggs while at the caravan.

I can’t be the only one that thinks Easter is a day for boiling eggs, decorating them, rolling them down a hill and explaining to your child why you roll the eggs what this day represents.  Giving an egg or two at most and generally just spending time with family going to church etc now it’s that commercialised that it has become just another day to spend lots of money and give kids more and more gifts like it’s their birthday.  Most children these days don’t even know what Easter is about anymore!

For this reason I have made it my mission to not over indulge my daughters with gifts and eggs. So a few years back we started a tradition of our own by going to the cinema not on Easter Sunday but roughly around that time they get one egg from me and a small gift of their choosing nothing expensive as I know they will receive eggs from other members of my family and they are more than happy with this and appreciate they small gifts more.


This year as my daughters are getting older now nine and thirteen we decided not to decorate eggs but instead we went out for lunch and to the cinema to see the new Peter Rabbit movie which was fantastic and they chose a new Funko pop character each to add to thier collection  and we had the most special night snuggled up on the sofa with movies popcorn and they each chose an egg to share.  For us its the little things like this that make our Easter that little bit more special.

We hope your day was as special as ours.

Kimberly xo


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