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Hello there! welcome to my little corner of the web…


My name is Kimberly and I live in Scotland. I have two children. A beautiful thirteen year old girl and a beautiful nine year old girl. In this blog you will find the daily ravings of a frazzled mother, helpful posts on food, budgeting, lifestyle and beauty with our family adventures included on the way.

I started this blog as I was going utterly brain dead looking after children all day and not having any responsibility apart from being at university. I like to use my little space on the internet to document the highs of being a Mum (for example adventures and cheesy stuff like love) but also a lot of the time I moan about the lows (tantrums, being a crap mum and struggling with every day issues like mental health.

Whilst there is lots of blogs that show the side of being a parent, and instagrams full of smiley well behaved children (not mine ha!). I want to show that whilst we love our kids unconditionally.  Sometimes?  Being a Mum is hard…and being crap at it is OK its normal not Every mum is perfect.

If you like the sound of listening to me ramble on about our journey through life and see some of our funniest/embarrassing moments please follow our blog, join us on instagram and head on over to our Facebook page (the links are on the page) to keep up with the funny shenanigans we get up to. We would love to meet you, see your blogs and content too. I’m all about making new friendships and making memories.

Best wishes and lots of hugs
Kimberly xo
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